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where to buy cbd oil in wichita kansas

CBD Oil in Wichita, Kansas

Do you live near Wichita and want to get some CBD? Read through this guide to find the best ways to buy CBD in Wichita, Kansas.

Our favorite CBD products can be purchased online for delivery to Wichita:

The Best CBD Shops in Wichita

Hey Kansas, have you heard the news? The Attorney General Derek Schmidt thinks CBD oil is unlawful. This does not match up with federal law, so perhaps his AG Derek Schmidt’s stance is actually what’s unlawful. As of 2014 a federal law known as “The Farm Bill” allows for the growth and sale of hemp and includes within its language the growth of Cannabis Sativa L. strain and allows for 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). This means that a full-spectrum CBD oils should be widely available, but sadly, it’s not in Kansas. We found a real gem of a shop in Wichita and breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps this is a sign of more to come- we certainly hope so. If you are spinning your wheels on where to buy CBD in Wichita, you could try online. In fact, there are a number of fantastic options online that sell both full-spectrum, and isolated spectrum CBD products including: Charlotte’s Web, 4 Corners, ENDOCA, Kat’s Naturals, Green Roads, Bluebird, Cannabidiol Life, and more. Whether you are looking to take CBD to activate your endocannabinoid system, fight off seizures, curb feelings of depression, reverse symptoms of diabetes or are just curious to see how it will work in your body, we highly recommend checking out any of the aforementioned resources.

CBD Shops in Wichita

If you are looking for CBD Shops in Wichita, help is on the way! As the industry grows and state laws fall in line with federal law, you will see even more in CBD oil in Wichita. We found a couple of places that offers CBD hemp oil and other related products. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at any of these locations, we recommend shopping online. There are a number of quality CBD brands that use a wide-range of approaches when creating their oils. Most companies employ both a full-spectrum and isolated-spectrum approach when creating their products- so there really is something for everyone. Just in case you weren’t sure, broad-spectrum is perhaps the most therapeutic type of CBD oil but does contain trace amounts of THC- 0.3 % or less; not enough to get you “high” but enough for you to pop a drug test. Because of that a number of producers are making isolated CBD products and omit the THC. Our pick for places to shop for CBD oil in Wichita is Valentine Eclectics. This is a hemp shop that sells a wide array of hemp-based products including CBD oil tinctures, CBD topicals, and CBD edibles (gummies!) as well as soaps terpenes, kratom, and more. The staff are caring and supportive- you’re likely to walk away with a product you love. That we know of, there are no other shops in Wichita that sell CBD. That being said, many companies (particularly hemp shops and smoke shops) don’t advertise online that they sell CBD. We recommend called Up-N-Smoke on Douglas Avenue (1121 E. Douglas Ave), Lucky’s Vape & Smoke (6249 E 21st St.; 7926 E Harry) and Darth Vaper (1958 S. Washington Ave.).

CBD Oil in Wichita, Kansas Do you live near Wichita and want to get some CBD? Read through this guide to find the best ways to buy CBD in Wichita, Kansas. Our favorite CBD products can be

Top 2 Places to Buy CBD Oil in Wichita

The fourth Joy Organics store has now opened in the Waterfront, Wichita’s luxury lifestyle community. Dedicated to a decade-long commitment to holistic health and nutrition, owners Kim Secrist and Dr. Neal Secrist look forward to sharing the benefits of CBD with those looking to buy CBD oil in Wichita.

True to other Joy Organics locations, the newest store feels more upscale spa boutique than it does a typical CBD store. The moment customers open the door and step into the tranquil, inviting environment, they’re greeted by a CBD specialist there to help them every step of the way.

Customers are invited to discover the best CBD products to fit their individual needs, with the entire line of Joy Organics products readily available at their fingertips. Samples are also available to try, ensuring you have the option to choose the best product for you. Joy Organics CBD products are 0.0% THC, meaning they don’t contain any of the intoxicating effects commonly associated with marijuana.

Aside from Joy Organics’ high-quality CBD, the upscale Wichita storefront offers a variety of beautifully crafted items that financially give back to various local and global charities. In fact, 90% of everything the Waterfront location carries gives back to those in need.

“We’re starting this company to bring hope and restore health,” says owner Kim Secrist. “You’ll feel good knowing your purchase will give back to a good cause.”

Buy a CAUS stainless steel water bottle and 25% of the proceeds will be given to various causes such as pet adoptions, clean water, disaster relief and human trafficking. Any purchase from the Scout Jewelry line gives 10% to empowering women in need. All Winston and Waits Candle purchases will give 25% of proceeds back to various charities. Pet shelters will receive 25% of the purchase of all Harry & Barker Pet Toys and 100% of Modern Beast proceeds are donated to animal shelters.

“The heart of the company is to make the world a better place,” says Kim, “and we’re carrying that mission in our store.”

As professionals in the natural wellness sector for years, the Secrists initially became interested in CBD for its use as a plant-based support for the body. After finding that CBD positively impacted their lives, the couple couldn’t help but spread the word to others.

What started with the couple sharing CBD with friends, family and patients quickly expanded as the industry began to grow. Intrigued by the idea of opening a store, Kim visited the Joy Organics Fort Collins, Colorado flagship store in the fall of 2018.

“I learned so much and saw how the employees interacted, listened and cared,” says Kim. “Seeing Joy’s heart for people was inspiring. I wanted to provide Wichita a warm and comfortable environment where people can learn about the benefits of CBD.”

The Joy Organics Wichita store is exactly what Kim envisioned. When creating this dream, Kim says she immediately fell in love with Joy’s store and team and knew the atmosphere was something she wanted to emulate.

Kim was drawn to Joy Organics particularly because of the people behind the company. She’s known the Smith family for over 25 years and refers to Co-Founder Todd Smith as her “mentor.” Kim has witnessed how the Smiths strive for the best of the best in everything, especially when it comes to CBD oil.

“It’s the Wild West out there with CBD shops popping up from gas stations to video stores, and it’s hard to know what brand to buy and the quality of the oil,” says Kim. “With Joy Organics you will get the best quality CBD on the market due to the extensive third-party testing for quality. Joy Organics is completely transparent with their lab results, which are available online, and we also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.”

Come by and visit us at our Wichita, Kansas store at the Waterfront and discover how CBD can benefit your life, as well as the lives of those you love.

Joy Organics Wichita
Address: 10310 E 13th St., Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67206
Phone: (316) 260-2060
Hours of Operation

Monday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Tuesday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Wednesday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Thursday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Friday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Saturday 11 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
Sunday Closed

We’ve also recently partnered with Sprouts Farmers Market! You can shop a range of our products at your local store as well.

Sprouts Farmers Market
7728 E Central Ave
(316) 448-5254

Searching for where to buy CBD oil in Wichita? Joy Organics is available online, has free shipping, and offers a 30-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee.