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Looks Like Pot But It’s Not: Questions Surround Sale Of CBD Flowers

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A plant that looks and smells like marijuana has found its way onto store shelves in Minnesota. The CBD flower is derived from hemp. It’s the latest product claiming to help with everything from anxiety to seizures.

Inside Hideaway in Dinkytown, you’ll find jars full of CBD flowers. There are different flavors to choose from like Sour Tsunami and Cannatonic. One jar is advertised as Minnesota made. And they sell pre-rolled joints.

“I went in to get CBD oil and they actually had what looked like marijuana, big vats of marijuana for sale and I was shocked,” said Wade Thomas, of Arden Hills.

So what’s the difference?

Thomas couldn’t tell by sight. Put hemp CBD flowers and marijuana buds side by side and it’s hard to see what sets them apart.

Wally Sakallah owns the store that sells the flowers.

“It’s like a hemp flower. I mean it’s actual like marijuana-looking, smells like it, taste like it, the only thing is its effect. It doesn’t have the effect. It doesn’t have the psychoactive to it,” Sakallah said.

Even so, critics of hemp CBD argue the products, including flowers, are not regulated and not legal.

In a statement, the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy wrote: “Nothing in state or federal law allows any products derived from hemp to be sold for human or animal consumption.”

Law enforcement, however, say there’s nothing on the books about it.

“We’re running a business. This is not like street market or black market. This is an actual business, we follow the law,” Sakallah said, adding that there’s a growing demand for the flowers over CBD oils or other products.

“People are like, OK, I would like to have the actual flower instead of actual processing stuff to make sure this is the actual stuff,” Sakallah said.

And he knows the more it’s out there, the more issues could arise.

“I feel bad for law enforcement…how are they going to tell? Sakallah said.

Thomas said he uses CBD oils for muscle soreness and joint issues but said he’s not going to take his chances with the flowers.

“It smells like weed so I wouldn’t feel comfortable riding around with it in my car, so if you got pulled over there could be some issues there. Cause how can you tell a cop it’s CBD and it looks exactly like weed and smells like weed but it doesn’t have THC in it,” Thomas said.

Sakallah reports police did stop one of his employees with the CBD flowers. It took some time, but the officer eventually let the worker go.

The Minnesota Board of Pharmacy warns that hemp-derived products can contain small amounts of THC and users may test positive for it when they undergo drug testing.

A plant that looks and smells like marijuana has found its way onto store shelves in Minnesota. The CBD flower is derived from hemp. It's the latest product claiming to help with everything from anxiety to seizures.

What is CBD weed

What is CBD weed

CBD weed is often defined as cannabis which contains high levels of CBD and trace quantities of THC. CBD weed is sold openly in places such as Switzerland and Italy, where it is used as a tobacco alternative. Often THC levels are below 0.2% to comply with strict rules which are aimed at preventing anyone getting high from CBD weed.

Why do people use CBD weed?

Many users claim that CBD weed has a claiming, anti-anxiety effect. CBD weed can be smoked, but many health-conscious consumers prefer to vape CBD weed. Vaping releases the CBD rich vapours with our igniting the weed and causing smoke.

CBD weed to help stop smoking tobacco

Many people that use CBD weed as a tobacco alternative claim that it reduces the urge for a cigarette. So instead of smoking cigarettes some people find that they can switch to CBD and gradually decrease their nicotine dependance. Reducing the craving for nicotine is a very useful application of CBD weed, with many users saying they feel equally relaxed and satisfied after CBD weed as they would after a cigarette.

What does CBD weed look like?

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It looks and smells very similar to normal THC rich weed! CBD weed is green with trichomes on the surface. If CBD weed has been grown from a low THC cannabis strain you will notice that the buds look firm, dense and chunky just like typical cannabis buds. One of the criticisms of CBD weed grown from hemp plants is the the buds often look small, with little density or firmness to the buds. These ‘airy’ buds often have little bag appeal and thats the main reason why so many people prefer CBD weed grown from low-THC cannabis strains rather than from Hemp.

When you smoke CBD weed, what does it smell like?

CBD weed smells just like traditional cannabis when you smoke a joint of it or use some in a vaporiser. This makes it difficult for the authorities to distinguish CBD weed from normal THC rich cannabis.

What are the uses and effects of CBD weed?

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Some people use CBD weed where they feel that their medical condition would benefit from it. Of course, many of these people may also use CBD oil. But CBD weed is popular especially among those that already use cannabis or tobacco. Few CBD retailers want to make extravagant medical claims about CBD weed, but they are all aware that many consumers have a high medical value for CBD weed. Many MS users claim CBD weed can help reduce muscle stiffness. Some people that suffer with anxiety find that CBD weed can help a little. Tobacco smokers find that CBD weed can reduce their cravings for cigarettes.

Using CBD weed instead of normal weed

Heavy weed users find that they can use CBD weed instead of traditional weed. CBD won’t get them high, but it does reduce the craving for a joint for a few hours. This can be particularly useful if someone is trying to cut down on the amount of THC rich cannabis they are using. For example, if a cannabis user has a high cannabis tolerance (from many years of enjoying cannabis) they can reduce that cannabis tolerance by using CBD weed for their first couple of daily smokes. Then when they hit the THC-rich cannabis later in the evening, it will seem stronger and with greater enjoyment.

Will CBD weed remain popular

Yes it will, and in many countries CBD weed is starting to appear for sale in head shops, tobacconists and health food stores. Of course you can buy CBD weed online too! Some use CBD weed for the help they feel it offers medically. Other use CBD weed to reduce their tobacco usage, Others find CBD weed is an excellent alternative when their mind and body is crying out to get high.

Read on if you want to know more about CBD weed, what its uses are and how it feels when you vape/smoke it. CBD weed looks like normal weed but without THC.