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verified cbd oil reviews

Verified cbd oil reviews

Written by Cathy Rozyczko — Edited by Jason Brett on February 9, 2021

Verified CBD is on the right track and very close to getting more badges from us. Founder Bob Chambers is a former pharmacist whose life changed drastically after a car accident left him riddled with health issues. He started Verified CBD in 2014 to help others experience the natural benefits of CBD for their own wellness. His Florida-based company showcases a high level of transparency and a solid product line.

Pharmacist Bob Chambers found himself with an array of newfound health challenges following a terrible car accident. After he discovered CBD and benefitted from the phytochemical himself, he sought to help others experience the same healing effects with CBD for pain, anxiety, and more.

Verified CBD gets their hemp from organic farms in Kentucky, but we still cannot award them the Quality Badge. That’s because unfortunately, we don’t know what extraction method they use, as the company only says this:

All of our products are extracted in a laboratory by our carefully trained experts and are free of any residual solvents which result in the purest oil possible. Our production plant is one of the most reliable and trustworthy facilities in Florida.

Sounds good, but we need to make sure they aren’t using a noxious chemical like propane or butane to extract their cannabidiol. We also need to make sure there are no harmful solvents hiding in their products.

Which brings us to the Safety Badge. Verified CBD is very close! They do a great job of posting current cannabinoid profiles on every single SKU on their website. This is a great sign, and the brand claims to test for contaminants. If they can post these results online (just for their batch CBD oil/isolate), they can easily earn the badge.

The Verified CBD line is relatively clean, and you can expect the staples along with a little extra spice for an interesting assortment:

  • CBD tinctures (0% THC)
  • Full-spectrum CBD tinctures – Good potency here. A nice array of CBC, CBN, CBG, and CBD are here to support the entourage effect, according to their independent lab test.
  • CBD oil for dogs and dog treats
  • Full-spectrum or 0% THC softgels
  • CBD gummies (artificial colors and flavors)
  • CBD Sleep Spray with valerian root
  • CBD pain rub – Vegans, this one’s not for you. Emu oil enthusiasts, here’s your product! This topical also has squalane, an innovative and skin-boosting choice. But a couple of synthetics are lurking, namely phenoxyethanol and EDTA.
  • CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer – This is a luxurious and potent blend of all-natural ingredients.
  • CBD Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells

Verified CBD offers an assistance program for veterans and is known to discount their products in times of crisis. They appear to be an honest, innovative company that just needs a couple of tweaks to earn our Quality and Safety Badges.

Bottom Line – Verified CBD is a quality brand that’s really close to earning more badges from us. They are transparent and offer robust full spectrum tinctures that we love.

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This Verified CBD Review reveals the truth about this CBD oil company. Not all CBD is created equal. Read this before you buy from Verified CBD.

Verified CBD Reviews

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Write a review

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Total scam

Total scam. The man who says he’s the founder is an actor.

Don’t buy it

Don’t buy it. It was on dr Phil today and it’s nothing but poison in the bottle. SCAM SCAM SCAM

This company is a SCAM

This company is a SCAM. Beware.

Company uses fake advertising to scam people

They are scamming people! False advertising of celebrities that don’t endorse these CBD products! Complete lies!

Dr Phil and Dr Oz have out this…

Dr Phil and Dr Oz have out this business for using their names. Dr phil has tested your CBD products and found beyond A DANGEROUS LEAD CONTENT. Shame on you.

Dr Phil & Dr Oz CONDEMN THIS Product

Dr Phil and DR OZ are currently condeming this product. IT IS NOT FIT for human consumption, as it is dangerously high in lead. Look for Dr Phil show dated 02/17/2021 for full details its on youtube



They use false information along with names of well known TV personalities without their approval.

The man in the commercial is a paid actor.

Don’t be fooled by anything they offer.

It is amazing how they can continue selling products without any actual truth to them.


The positive reviews here are probably paid for.

Don’t lose your money AND STAY AWAY!

For this instead of 1 star I give them.



Your product tested dangerously high in…

Your product tested dangerously high in lead and pesticides! I want a refund! Bet you don’t even show this review!



How much LEAD is safe to have in CBD products?

These Verified CBD products contain high levels of LEAD!


When choosing CBD products, it’s wise to select American made products.


Be careful of purchasing from verified cbd oil , dr Phil and dr oz do not endorse this product

Not endorsed by doctor oz or doctor phil. The “ceo” is a British actor who was hired and given a script and lied to stating his acting was for a promotional video for a convention. Dr oz show did an entire segment on them and tested the products and they were found to contain lead. Getting a refund from this scam company is impossible.


Fraudsters. Not endorsed by doctor oz or doctor phil. The supposed ceo is a British actor who was hired and given a script and lied to stating his acting was for a promotional conventional. Dr oz show did an entire segment on the lies.

It’s been great for my lower back pain

I spend long hours working in front of my computer and it came to a point in which my lower back ached when doing the most simple tasks around the house. Verified CBD and just a couple of minutes of warm up in the mornings have finally got rid of the pain.

I really liked the product and the…

I really liked the product and the service I received the delivery came quickly and the quality of the product is great

Buyer beware – Orders may not be fulfilled without follow up

I had to follow up on my orders and…
I had to follow up on my orders and found out that they were canceled without notice because of a discount issue. One of the charges was kept on my account until I reached out with resolution still undetermined. Very poor customer service and issue resolution is nonexistent.

Chronic pain

My mother suffers from chronic pain and cannot tolerate most pain killers. After doing some research and reaching out to Verified we have finally found a product that helps my mom’s pain and mood. I would highly recommend this company.

A Life Changer

A Life Changer. I had purchased some gummies when it became legal in Illinois to try. outrageous prices . I decided investigate products and prices and discovered Verified CBD. Due to Covid and lockdown for over 8 months (and dang politics) I suffered insomnia and depression and the aches and pains I earned as a 73 year old active gardener. Alcohol was my sedative. I ordered some gummies from Verified CBD for me and my arthritic dog Jack Daniel. I am sleeping longer and with less tossing and turning, reduced the pain. am less anxious and more optimistic. Curbed the alcohol! I don’t spend $$ easily but have ordered 3 times and will continue to order due to the phenomenal results. The customer service is incredible. I messed up an order, received a response promptly and resolved immediately. I need to research the other products and will recommend to other grounded Seniors and pray for the futures of you younguns,

Perfect for a dog

I’ve started giving my dog the cbd treats After his first acl surgery he has since had acl surgery on both his rear legs. I started to see positive results within the first month of him taking the cbd treats. There are many options out there and I did a lot of research before deciding these would be the best for my dog and I am glad I did because I saw improvement in him and he loves the taste.
If you love your dog as I do these cbd treats are the right choice.

Love it

Love it! After an exhaustive search on what CBD to buy, I finally found a product that passes all the checks for a good quality CBD! I am a dental hygienist and a licensed skydiver. I purchased the hemp intensive relief rub which for any aches and pains from work or my sport. It immediately helps relieve my pain! Love it! I also purchased the Apple stem cell + CBD cream for my mild acne on my face. I haven’t seen a huge difference just yet. I have been using this for about one month. What I have noticed is my skin does not feel irritated since using it. I hope to have better results after the 3 to 6 month mark! Cheers Verified CBD! Definitely super impressed with your products!

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