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serene cbd oil

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At Serene Health CBD, we believe you should know what is in the products you consume.

We can be trusted and we tell you exactly what is in our products.

All our products are independently lab tested, so you know the exact amount of CBD in our oils. This gives our customers the confidence in our quality, strength and ingredients.

The farmers who grow our products, do not use pesticides or chemicals.

The extracts in our bottles are derived from solvent-less extraction processes. Whilst more expensive, the CO2 process ensures there are no solvents going into our products.

As a nation, we are becoming more aware, and concerned, with what we put in our bodies and on our skin.

We are more aware of the side effects of conventional medicine and its limitations, because of this, millions of people worldwide are enjoying the benefits of using CBD.

You can be sure that our vegan friendly oils are produced in the most ethical way possible, which limits the harm to you, the environment and everyone involved in our supply chain.

Your health and custom matter to us.

We offer extensive customer service and are always on hand to answer your questions and we are increasing our range of products to meet the demands of our clients.

If we don’t already have what you’re looking for, send us a message and we may be able to source it for you.

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Serene cbd oil

Written by Cathy Rozyczko — Edited by Jason Brett on February 9, 2021

Serene Cannabis invites you to find your serene space — with their amazing CBD oil products, of course. There are two great things about this brand, the first being that their mission is solid and gives them a ton of credibility (founder Erica Valker contracted Lyme Disease and subsequently took a nearly decade-long journey of exploring CBD). And next, Serene Cannabis has a few products you honestly can’t get anywhere else. Now that’s something that always catches our eye!

The Serene Cannabis story begins in a not-so-serene place — founder Erica Valker’s bed. She was more or less confined to that bed for years after getting diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2011. The condition basically disabled her, and the mountain of prescription drugs she was prescribed only seemed to make her symptoms worse. Valker thus embarked on an important journey with CBD and THC, finding an excellent producer and tweaking her formulas until she got dosing just right. Once that happened, she said goodbye to all the prescription stuff. For good!

Valker admits that her years of struggling have molded her into a sort of CBD oil expert. Because she trusted her CBD producer so much, she came to them to source the cannabidiol for the Serene Cannabis line. It’s made from west-coast hemp and extracted in their closed-loop production process via supercritical CO2. The cannabidiol then undergoes distillation, an extra refinement process known to result in a more potent extract. Major quality points here.

All the ingredients in Serene Cannabis are 100% natural, and every single product is made in the USA. Their tinctures are broad-spectrum, but they use CBD isolate in their phenomenal CBD topicals. This line is highly intentional, and we can truly tell these formulations come from a genuine place of knowledge, experience, and an obsession with quality. Check it out:

  • CBD oil tinctures
  • CBD pain cream with arnica
  • CBD + Rose Balancing Face Serum – Now, here is a CBD skincare winner! Luxurious oils you don’t see every day like jasmine sambac and rose otto imported from Bulgaria combine with other organic ingredients in this high-end delight. A+.
  • CBD dead sea bath salts
  • Inflame-Away CBG tincture – Again, here’s a product the likes of which we’ve never seen before. It contains high-grade CBG extract mixed with turmeric, green mandarin, terpenes, and black pepper. If you’re unaware, CBG is pretty much the next CBD, a cannabinoid with promising science for many wellness issues. And we’re almost positive this intoxicating combo of pine and citrus will blow your mind.
  • CBD for pets – It’s not every day we see a CBD product for pets that turns our heads. But our ears perked up when we heard about the ingredients in the Serene Cannabis pet tincture: wild Alaskan salmon oil, CBD, MCT oil, and vitamins.
  • CBD lip balm
  • CBD vape pen
  • Dream CBN Sleep Tincture – In another innovative combo, Serene blends CBN with CBD, terpenes, organic MCT oil, B vitamins and lavender for a soothing and sleepy experience. No melatonin required.

If it seems like we can’t stop going on and on about the Serene Cannabis CBD products, it’s because we can’t! The quality is so solid and the formulas are in a word, groundbreaking. The brand gets a perfect score from us.

Bottom Line – Serene Cannabis has everything we want from a high-end, high-quality, and totally unique CBD vendor.

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This review of the Serene Cannabis brand reveals the truth about this company. Read this before purchasing products from the Serene Cannabis Company.