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sera labs cbd oil

CORRECTING and REPLACING Sera Labs A Leading Online Premier CBD Brand Receives Funding from ToroVerde Inc.

Partnership Accelerates Growth and Strengthens Position as CBD Industry Leader

LOS ANGELES–( BUSINESS WIRE )–In the second paragraph, first sentence, the year should read 2018 (instead of 2017).

The corrected release reads:


Partnership Accelerates Growth and Strengthens Position as CBD Industry Leader

Today Sera Labs Inc. announced an investment of $5 million from the Canadian based, Cannabis private equity fund, ToroVerde Inc.

Sera Labs is a leading online premier CBD brand already hailing unprecedented digital success, generating over $2 million in online sales since the brands inception in July 2018. The brand was created to expand the offerings of CBD products in the health & wellness, pain management, beauty and pet sectors. The family of products includes a 5- step Seratopical CBD beauty line, Sera Relief CBD oils, pain cream, capsules, gummies and a veterinarian approved Sera Pets CBD oil.

Founded and managed by Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs is a female-run company based in Los Angeles, California. Duitch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, and has generated over $3 billion utilizing direct-to-consumer marketing for some of the world’s most well-known and loved brands.

“We are building this company by gaining consumer trust through an educational process and bringing quality products to market with an unprecedented marketing campaign,” states Sera Labs CEO, and Founder Nancy Duitch. “Partnering with ToroVerde ensures we can continue bringing our customers an unparalleled standard of excellence with their domestic and international key connections!”

Sera Labs was founded on a simple premise: use intelligent science to bring premium products to market. We strategically focus on CBD education and creating formulas with the most innovative scientific practices, along with the highest quality clinical ingredients, to provide a product that is safe, quality-consistent, and affordable. Our skincare line is comprised of the most comprehensive anti-aging ingredients and our ingestibles use the highest quality CBD from our organically grown and harvested CBD Hemp Oil.

Clinically tested ingredients used in the topical products provide the most current and revolutionary benefits for maximum results, and third-party testing ensures the absence of metals, pesticides and herbicides.

Additionally, Sera Labs works exclusively with GMP-certified manufacturing, and all products are made in the USA and are non-GMO with all ingestibles vegan and kosher.

Already crossing over into new channels of distribution, and focused on leveraging technology to connect with consumers, the brand has successfully developed strategies with a stellar sales and management team to effectively execute a multi-channel approach and will be hitting retail in 2019.

“Given the expansive expertise and track record of the Sera Labs team,” ToroVerde’s Managing Partner states, “It was easy to see that Sera Labs will be one of the most successful CBD brands on the market and we look forward to this partnership.”

About Sera Labs: Sera Labs is a trusted leader in the health, wellness and beauty sectors of CBD. We create premium products by using intelligent science. We provide the highest quality products at affordable prices, easily accessible to the nation and CBD’s growing International markets. For more information visit, and follow @theseralabs

About ToroVerde: ToroVerde Inc. is a private equity enterprise based out of Toronto, Canada. It has established strategic relationships with global manufacturers and distributors of wellness products serving growing international markets. ToroVerde is focused on building businesses that support the global distribution of alternative therapeutics that serve a variety of medical indications.

Sera Labs A Leading Online Premier CBD Brand Receives Funding from ToroVerde Inc. Partnership Strengthens Position as CBD Industry Leader.

Sera labs cbd oil

Written by Cathy Rozyczko — Edited by Jason Brett on February 9, 2021

Sera Labs wins big time when it comes to our methodology. This focused CBD brand sources organic USA hemp and processes it cleanly. They’ve got all the third-party safety tests we look for; they’re innovative, and they go above and beyond in the charity department. We have a bone to pick about their CBD skincare with supposedly ‘100% natural ingredients,’ but other than that, Sera Labs is clearly a five-star champ.

Sera Labs does an excellent job of covering their bases and then some. Their CBD hemp is grown right here in the USA under organic auspices, and they strictly use CO2 extraction to make their CBD oil. Everything is made in the USA in GMP-certified facilities, so the brand gets major points for quality and clean processing.

And their current independent lab reports back up their claims. Although admittedly difficult to navigate (there’s an internal test thrown in there and some confusing links), Sera Labs provides everything needed for the Safety Badge — meaning each SKU has a cannabinoid profile and we could verify contaminants tests for residual solvents, pesticides, microbiological impurities, and heavy metals. Way to go!

Now, let’s dive into the Sera Labs CBD products. The vast majority are over-the-top in quality, but there are a few discrepancies we also want you to be aware of:

  • Full-spectrum CBD tinctures – These tinctures boast an excellent cannabinoid profile chock full of CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, and CBC — truly an awesome spectrum! But we find it weird that the company lists CBD isolate in the ingredients list. Unless there is a mismatch with testing, this is probably an oversight.
  • Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures – OK, now we’re confused. These tinctures have the exact same ingredients, but tests show only cannabinoids CBD, CBDV, and CBC. It’s still a fantastic product, but we want Sera Labs to explain exactly what they mean when they say ‘pure spectrum’ versus ‘full spectrum.’
  • CBD gummies – Hooray for all-natural ingredients! But again, they’ve labeled this product full spectrum when the cannabinoid profile clearly shows CBD isolate.
  • Full-spectrum CBD capsules – We checked. Just like the full spectrum tinctures, these have a nice and robust cannabinoid profile!
  • CBD oil tinctures for pets
  • CBD topicals – Here is where our issue lies. Two of seven CBD topicals use plant stem cells — great for anti-aging purposes — which we find super cool and worthy of the Innovation Badge. But five of the seven products (save the CBD lip balm and facial oil) contain synthetic ingredients like phenoxyethanol, PG, dimethicone, and more.

The issue is that Sera Labs has a seal on each of these product pages as well as their homepage that reads ‘natural product’ and ‘100% natural ingredients.’ The brand already earns five badges with high-quality, potent CBD oil to fall back on. We say, ditch these misleading seals. You’re better than that!

Bottom Line – Sera Labs gets five badges for their excellent commitment to quality CBD products with current safety tests that prove their CBD oil is potent, premium stuff. They’re obviously doing great, but we’d like them to clarify their wording around full versus pure spectrum and ditch the all-natural claims.

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