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sera labs cbd oil reviews

Sera Relief CBD Debuts as THC-Free Hemp Oil: But Is It Safe?

Homewood, IL – ( NewMediaWire ) – July 10, 2020 – Sera Relief CBD oil is a new full spectrum water soluble hemp-derived cannabidiol tincture that claims to be a safe, non habit forming formula for consumers looking to experience the benefits of cannabis oil-infused products.

To see the official Sera Labs premium and pure hemp oil supplement, visit the Sera Relief CBD oil sales page here to avoid any cheap knockoffs or tainted solutions in an overly crowded and even saturated CBD industry.

The CBD market is poised to grow to around $646 million by 2022. Many producers have since introduced their take on alternative medicine. Even though the FDA has yet to approve its uses, consumers have shared their hands-on experience and positive results on different social media platforms. With that in mind comes a recently launched CBD oil that garnered many people’s attention.

According to the claims made, SeraRelief defies conventional CBD oils, especially when it comes to the latter’s poor bioavailability. In fact, demand has since sparked for the brand, that only a limited supply of Sera Relief CBD is currently in stock. What was done differently, and why did this brand see a soar in demand? Below is a comprehensive review of Sera Labs’ SeraRelief CBD Oil.

What is SeraRelief?

Sera Relief’s unique, potent blend of Full Spectrum HEMP Extract with CBD is the purest CBD as it contains omegas, minerals, vitamins, and terpenes. Only available on , SeraRelief is a 100% pure, CBD oil housing up to 500mg of CBD per 30 ml.

What makes this solution exceptional is that it includes water-soluble CBD. This means that the CBD contents travel alongside water molecules to ensure that it does enter the bloodstream. The sooner CBD enters the blood; the faster things start to kick in, allowing one to reap its benefits incomplete. With conventional CBD oils, increasing bioavailability is considered far too complicated, hence the need for solutions like SeraRelief.

What can be expected of SeraRelief?

According to the claims made on , Sera Relief is expected to help improve different health concerns.

  • Supporting regular sleep cycles
  • Relieving anxiety, stress and other related emotions
  • Stimulating and boosting the immune system
  • Improving one’s physical health without psychoactive effects

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CBD, cannabis oil, and hemp-related products are naturally new to consumers as laws become favorable and new formulas emerge, but Sera Relief CBD oil is a brand that has not been around near as long as some of the tried and true CBD oils on the market. There are many CBD resources about how the top companies and best brands operate within the budding CBD space, but here are the most popular commonly asked questions pertaining to Sera Relief CBD oil from Sera Labs.

What features does SeraRelief have?

SeraRelief’s uses water-soluble CBD and has a concentration of 500mg. The creators claim to grow and manufacture all of the companies products in the U.S. In fact, SeraRelief offers full-spectrum solutions and isolates CBD, all of which rely on organically grown hemp free of herbicides and pesticides. The extraction method used is none other than the industry standards of CO2 extraction.

How should SeraRelief be taken?

Individuals have been recommended to take one to two dropper servings by mouth twice per day. For optimal absorption, Sera Relief should be taken underneath the tongue. Bear in mind that this solution should be kept at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Also, if Sera Labs Sera Relief CBD is the right full spectrum hemp oil tincture to use, make sure to visit the proper website to ensure best pricing and direct brand contact at .

Does SeraRelief have any side effects?

At the time of writing, no side effects have been reported. However, should one experience an adverse reaction to SeraRelief, it should be discontinued, and a doctor’s help should be sought immediately.

What is the SeraRelief VIP Replenish Program?

The SeraRelief VIP Replenish Program is when individuals get new supplies shipped depending on their initial order. For instance, if a 30-day supply were purchased, the team would send a fresh amount a month later. In other words, this is a subscription plan where individuals are automatically enrolled upon making a purchase. However, the twist is that with every new supply comes a “ low guarantee VIP price .”

Should one decide to cancel this membership, it is as simple as contacting customer service at:

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Is there a refund policy?

Yes, each SeraRelief is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If consumers feel dissatisfied with the product, customer service must be contacted before returning one’s purchase to:

  • Sera Labs
  • 41 Canal Street, Lewiston, ME 04240

That said, all claims regarding damaged products need to be made within 72 hours of receiving it. In addition to providing detailed information, the customer service team have the right to request a photo proof of the damage. Finally, all returning products are subjected to a restocking fee of $5.95 per bottle.

Who is the creator behind SeraRelief?

Sera Labs created SeraRelief, a company proclaimed as being “ the premier CBD brand .” Based on the official website, the team approaches wellness naturally and holistically, which led them to pursue CBD as an alternative. Each product is supposedly designed with enhanced joint movement, sleep cycles, and skin health in mind. Here’s what they have to say about their offerings:

“When you buy products from Sera Labs, you know that you’re getting CBD products you can trust. We source the highest quality raw materials and have all our products tested by third-party laboratories for purity and consistency, allowing them to be a step above other brands.”

SeraRelief is a CBD oil designed to support one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. What sets this supplement apart from others is the addition of water-soluble CBD. This means that individuals have a highly bioavailable solution, can be easily incorporated in different beverage bases, and ensures that a small quantity goes a long way. Should one decide to purchase it directly from Sera Labs, the current going price is approximately $59.95. This is quite acceptable considering the benefits associated with water-soluble CBD.

Having listed the pros of SeraRelief, there remain two areas that require more information. First, SeraRelief has been advertised as offering free trials; however, details regarding this have yet to be disclosed. Second, the team claims to have participated in independent lab testing, but Certificate of Analysis (CoAs) are not available anywhere.

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Sera labs cbd oil reviews

Written by Cathy Rozyczko — Edited by Jason Brett on February 9, 2021

Sera Labs wins big time when it comes to our methodology. This focused CBD brand sources organic USA hemp and processes it cleanly. They’ve got all the third-party safety tests we look for; they’re innovative, and they go above and beyond in the charity department. We have a bone to pick about their CBD skincare with supposedly ‘100% natural ingredients,’ but other than that, Sera Labs is clearly a five-star champ.

Sera Labs does an excellent job of covering their bases and then some. Their CBD hemp is grown right here in the USA under organic auspices, and they strictly use CO2 extraction to make their CBD oil. Everything is made in the USA in GMP-certified facilities, so the brand gets major points for quality and clean processing.

And their current independent lab reports back up their claims. Although admittedly difficult to navigate (there’s an internal test thrown in there and some confusing links), Sera Labs provides everything needed for the Safety Badge — meaning each SKU has a cannabinoid profile and we could verify contaminants tests for residual solvents, pesticides, microbiological impurities, and heavy metals. Way to go!

Now, let’s dive into the Sera Labs CBD products. The vast majority are over-the-top in quality, but there are a few discrepancies we also want you to be aware of:

  • Full-spectrum CBD tinctures – These tinctures boast an excellent cannabinoid profile chock full of CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG, CBGA, and CBC — truly an awesome spectrum! But we find it weird that the company lists CBD isolate in the ingredients list. Unless there is a mismatch with testing, this is probably an oversight.
  • Pure Spectrum CBD tinctures – OK, now we’re confused. These tinctures have the exact same ingredients, but tests show only cannabinoids CBD, CBDV, and CBC. It’s still a fantastic product, but we want Sera Labs to explain exactly what they mean when they say ‘pure spectrum’ versus ‘full spectrum.’
  • CBD gummies – Hooray for all-natural ingredients! But again, they’ve labeled this product full spectrum when the cannabinoid profile clearly shows CBD isolate.
  • Full-spectrum CBD capsules – We checked. Just like the full spectrum tinctures, these have a nice and robust cannabinoid profile!
  • CBD oil tinctures for pets
  • CBD topicals – Here is where our issue lies. Two of seven CBD topicals use plant stem cells — great for anti-aging purposes — which we find super cool and worthy of the Innovation Badge. But five of the seven products (save the CBD lip balm and facial oil) contain synthetic ingredients like phenoxyethanol, PG, dimethicone, and more.

The issue is that Sera Labs has a seal on each of these product pages as well as their homepage that reads ‘natural product’ and ‘100% natural ingredients.’ The brand already earns five badges with high-quality, potent CBD oil to fall back on. We say, ditch these misleading seals. You’re better than that!

Bottom Line – Sera Labs gets five badges for their excellent commitment to quality CBD products with current safety tests that prove their CBD oil is potent, premium stuff. They’re obviously doing great, but we’d like them to clarify their wording around full versus pure spectrum and ditch the all-natural claims.

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