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procana cbd complete reviews

Procana CBD Review (2021) Here’s What We Found Out.

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Procana Review

Procana says “Your body is designed for inner balance.”

But will their products help achieve that inner balance?

Read our Procana Review to find out!

About Procana

  • Procana was founded in 2013 and, according to their website they’ve “been on the forefront of cannabinoid research and development.”
  • Their mission statement is to advocate, educate and communicate the power of cannabinoid therapy. We believe that our products should be easily accessible and available to everyone at an affordable price.
  • Their products are manufactured according to cGMP standards in the Procana Laboratories.
  • Their hemp sources aren’t known, but they use CO2 extraction for most products and cold-press extraction for others.
  • Certificates of Analysis are available for all their products.
  • All Procana products have less than 0.3% THC.
  • Their laboratory is based in California, but Procana LTD is based in Northern Ireland.
  • Procana only guarantees shipping to customers in the US, UK, and Canada, though certain products are only available in the US.

You can contact Procana via:

  • Live Chat
  • Toll-free Phone Number (US): +1 844 776 2262
  • Phone Number (UK): +44 203 746 04 52
  • Email: [email protected]

What Products Do Procana Sell?

Procana offers 20 products that fall under 7 different categories. Let’s take a quick look at what each category offers.

CBD Pills and Capsules

Procana CBD Pills and Capsules

There are 4 products in this category.

The first is a basic CBD softgel capsule that comes in three different potency levels:

  • Balance (8mg per capsule)
  • Complete (20mg per capsule)
  • and Ultra (50mg per capsule).

Customers, such as Darlene and Jessica, praise the capsules for relieving pain and discomfort from surgeries and autoimmune diseases:

Procana Procana CBD Pills and Capsules Customer Review

CBD PM Night-Time: Has 15mg of CBD and 3mg of Melatonin per capsule to help you sleep better.

Barbara is quick to advocate for Procana’s CBD PM Night-Time product, explaining it replaced her old CBD sleep aid.

Likewise, Michael says the product helped him get a full night’s sleep!

Procana Procana Procana CBD Pills and Capsules Customer Review 2

Hemp Omega offers an alternative to fish oil in softgel capsule form. Each capsule has a whopping 500mg of Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.

The whole bottle combined has 30,000mg Hemp Seed Oil and only costs $15.99.

Customers, like Keith and David, say it’s very effective and helps reduce swelling and pain while also offering mental clarity!

Procana Procana Procana CBD Pills and Capsules Customer Review 3

The Whole Plant Hemp Extract capsules come in three potency options:

  • Hemp Advanced (140mg per capsule)
  • Hemp Spectrum+ (50mg per capsule)
  • and Hemp Excel+ (100mg per capsule).

Brenda admits she ran out before she could restock and definitely felt the difference, whereas Tina says her daughter used the capsules to focus better on her exams and relieve anxiety!

Procana Procana Procana CBD Pills and Capsules Customer Review 4

CBD Gummies

Procana CBD Gummies

Procana recently launched their new CBD Balance Fruit Chew Gummies.

Each bottle offers an assortment of natural strawberry, grape, and orange flavors.

The 10mg gummies cost $26.99 per bottle and the 25mg gummies are $34.99.

Todd praises the gummies for helping with his arthritis, while Taylor shares them with her dog and uses them to help quit smoking!

Procana CBD Gummies Customer Reviews

CBD Tinctures

Procana CBD Tinctures

There are 3 CBD tinctures to choose from.

Procana’s tinctures are the oil version of their softgel capsules, making them ideal for anyone who prefers using a dropper instead of swallowing a pill.

Prices range from $24.99 to $59.99 depending on product and potency.

Barbara uses the tinctures to help with her mood swings; meanwhile Cheryl uses them for relief from her arthritis, GERD, and restless leg syndrome!

Procana CBD Tinctures Customer Reviews

CBD for Vaping

Procana CBD for Vaping Procana CBD Cartridges

Vapers can choose between Procana’s Dispensable Pens and Vape Cartridges.

Both options offer 200mg of CBD and come in 4 different flavors:

  • Tangie
  • Classic OG
  • Smooth Vanilla
  • and Fresh Menthol.

The disposable pens cost $25 each, while the vape cartridges are $20.

Ryan and Steven both say Procana’s vaping products reduced their anxiety levels.

Steven also says it’s a far superior product compared to the pod type CBD vaporizer he was using before!

Procana CBD for Vaping Customer Reviews

CBD for Pets

Procana CBD for Pets

Procana offers CBD oils for 4 different dog breed sizes and a fifth one for mini dog breeds and cats.

The potency varies from 3mg to 8mg of CBD per serving, with the price ranging from $16.99 to $22.99.

A sixth option is the Vet Formula softgels for dogs, which also has 8mg per serving. The container has 30 capsules and costs $29.99.

CBD Topicals

Procana CBD Topicals

Another new product category, Procana only offers two topicals at the moment.

The Arnica Spray has 375mg of CBD, while the Arnica Roll-on has 250mg. Prices are $19.99 and $24.99.

CBG Products

Procana CBG Products

Procana also introduced a new range of CBG products: a softgel and tincture.

Both are available in two strengths – 10mg and 20mg CBG per serving.

The lower potency costs $29.99 for either product, while the stronger versions are $39.99.

Procana Reviews – What Are People Saying?

The only comments we found about Procana, besides from their website, were from 2019 and were left in response to a blog review.

Natalie claims to be a Procana representative and left her comment asking the blogger to correct some false information that was published.

A few months later, Bella added a personal review that paints a sad picture.

Bella says she and her husband had no luck with the Procana CBD Ultra 1,500mg CBD Tincture.

Even after drinking the whole bottle, her husband felt no effects whatsoever.

They both felt like it tasted like pure olive oil. After trying to contact Procana, Bella says she got no response:

Procana Customer Reviews

Procana sell a nice range of CBD products to suit help satisfy all your CBD needs.

But we couldn’t find any independent tests to verify their products contain the quoted amount of CBD and there’s really not that many reviews for them online so it’s hard to say whether they’re worth buying from or not right now.

If you’ve tried any of the Procana CBD products then don’t forget to leave your review below!

Should you buy any of the Procana CBD products? Read our Procana Review to find out and see what people are saying.

Customer Testimonials

Connie R. (CBD Balance 8mg‎)
Anxiety‎; Pain; Anti-inflammatory
Since I started using CBD, I sleep better and I feel my lungs ( I have COPD) are not as inflamed as they were prior to using it. Also, and more importantly, I have had a lot less anxiety attacks. The ones I have had since using this product are much milder. Thank you!

Lee B. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
I started taking this product, which I purchased from my local Vitamin Depot, in hopes of curbing my anxiety. I have been taking this product for over half a month now and it really seems to be helping. My general everyday anxiety level is far less than it used to be. I have had one bad anxiety flare up, but that was during the first week, since then I have felt much better and am able to enjoy life more. Thanks so much!

Vilmarie R. (Hemp Spectrum 50mg‎‎)
I came across this by picking up my pain medication (morphine) and while I was waiting my pharmacist had flyers on this and I asked questions and they gave me a sample box w 2pills then I purchased a bottle and so far I’m liking how I’m feeling ..thank you

Jennifer W. (THC 50mg‎‎)
Anxiety‎; Epilepsy/Seizures‎; Pain;
This product can last up to 8 hours before I take another supplement. I just had a double emergency hip replacement. I have been able to decrease my pain meds and anxiety meds.

Allie W. (THC 50mg‎‎)
Anxiety‎; Pain;
I absolutely am estatic I found you guys. I had such a hard time with my back pain but I can now go out and have fun with my friends and be part of something that matters. I have a hard time always affording it but when I can it&rsquos the first thing on my to-purchase list.

Ilana G. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
Anxiety‎; Depression‎;
I started using your product while looking for a supplement that could get me weened off of Ativan which I took nightly for sleep. I have a very overactive brain and can’t seem to shut it off at night. I had previously been taking some type of sleeping pill for over 8 years. M y partner and I were trying to have a baby and I knew I could no longer take the Ativan for sleep due to risk to fetal development. I asked my fertility specialist if they had any concerns with me taking a CBD product to aid in my sleep and they gave me the green light considering this product did not contain THC. I have had very good results with your product and no longer take prescription medication for sleeping. Every now and again I still have the occasional bad night, but I think that is normal for most people. My anxiety has lessened and I have more balanced moods as well!

Dave B. (THC 50mg‎‎)
Pain; Sleep Assistance;
The Procana CBD product is helping me to avoid prescription medication with harmful side effects. The Procana CBD product is helping to relief my chronic pain and providing relief to help me sleep at night so I do not wake up multiple times throughout the night. The combination of Procana CBD 20mg and the Procana THC 15mg once a day at bedtime is what works best for me to help me sleep through the night.

Sara V. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
Pain; Sleep;
I found this product at my local pharmacy once cad and the products were available for sale in California. I have a current state issued Medical Marijuana card and had a doctor recommendation for a year before recreational use was legal. I had been using other products from the marijuana dispensary for almost two years before I found and tried this product. It worked so well for my pain and insomnia that I gave samples to some of my friends who also have pain and other related issues. The next time I went to the pharmacy to buy more because I was almost out of the pills, they were all sold out (I blame all my friends who went and bought the pills after they tried my samples)! I just bought a bottle of the tincture since it is also available at the pharmacy. I have had good results with herbal and medical marijuana tinctures in the past and think this product will also work for me.

Our Favorite Customer Testimonials

Lea V. (CBD Balance 8mg)
Anxiety‎; Depression‎; Pain; PTSD; Fibromyalgia; Arthritis; Nausea
Thank you for making such an amazing product. I can tell a huge difference in my pain levels as well as my mood. My family has noticed the positive changes also.

John T. (CBD Balance 8mg)
Depression‎; Pain;
Im 63, had a head on car accident in 86 helps me so much cant get my day started without it.

Jeremiah M. (Hemp Spectrum 50mg‎‎)
I love this product so far! My creaky knees and lower back pain is almost non existent. I had a single vertebrae spinal fusion 2 years ago and it still gets painful. This is the best thing I have found to help.

Danielle Z. (CBD Complete 20 mg)
“My teenage daughter has dealt with near debilitating anxiety for several years. We have tried multiple pharmaceutical drugs with minimal relief and frightening side effects. As a last-ditch effort to find her some relief, we thought we’d give CBD a try. It has been a wonder for her! Excellent management of her anxiety with zero side effects. She is able to carry out the daily functions of her college and work load without any issues. Highly recommend Procana!”

Catherine T. (CBD Complete 20 mg)
“I am a 58 years old woman. CBD Complete 20 mg was prescribed by my naturopath to palliate the relentless pain in my cervical due to disk degeneration. During the two years prior to taking Procana, I had been seen by physical therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturist, all to no avail. Procana 20 mg rendered me pain free within 2 or 3 weeks. I take it daily and it has allowed me to return to a soft yoga regime while also swimming. I should say that it has also had other benefits such as calming effect and thought focus”

Lynnea B. (Hemp Spectrum 50mg)
Anxiety‎; Depression‎; Migraines;
“I have suffered from anxiety for more than half of my life. After trying out several homeopathic, herbal, and prescription medicines, CBD was brought to my attention. After my first try of a different CBD brand, I felt the tension melt out of me. I was pointed towards Procana by my doctor. I am so very thankful to have found this product! The CBD is very effective and at a reasonable price. Thank you so much for making this available. It has helped with generalized anxiety disorder more than I can say and is also a helpful boost while winter brings on S.A.D.”

Jody R. (CBD Balance 8mg)
Cancer; Pain;
“After fighting melanoma for the past 7 years and having 11 surgeries my physician recommended CBD Oil, specifically Procana, as she felt it would help fight the cancer as an anti-inflammatory agent. To date, I have not had a recurrence for the past three months, which is the first time in over two years I’m not facing a surgery. I also noticed not having pain in my back and knees (I have arthritis) only about 3 or 4 days of starting the CBD oil. Another wonderful benefit. Also, my husband has a neurostimulator in his back for chronic back pain and since starting this product he has not turned on his stimulator in three months!! He is pain free. What a wonderful option to have instead of stimulators and pain pills. I have recommended this product to anyone who will listen. It has changed our lives!”

Chris F. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
Multiple Sclerosis;
This product was really helpful with calming my body down. It also helps with my muscle spasms. I smoke weed but never took CBD I’m impressed. Looking forward to purchasing more. I also can’t wait to take after I take an injection that is therapy for my M.S. That therapy causes pain and alot of discomfort. I would rather take these soft gels than opioids.

Karen L. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
Anxiety‎; Depression‎; Pain;
Since taking CBD, I have been able to stop my pain pills. Still taking anxiety meds but I feel more in control.

Marcelina L. (CBD Complete 20mg‎‎)
Anxiety‎; Pain; PTSD; Hypertension‎; Migraines; Endometriosis;
This was recommended to me by my Naturopathic doctor for medical reasons stated above. It has helped me and my husband tremendously. It put his ulcerative colitis into remission. I’ve been able to wean myself off of several medications that aren’t good long term. I wish more people had access to these products. I’ve been telling friends and family.

Customer Testimonials Connie R. (CBD Balance 8mg‎) Anxiety‎; Pain; Anti-inflammatory Since I started using CBD, I sleep better and I feel my lungs ( I have COPD) are not as inflamed as