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mary’s medicinals cbd oil review

Mary’s Medicinals CBD Review

Our Rating: A, excellent. Should you buy this product, yes or no? Yes. Once we receive 3 rd party labs, we will up the rating to an A+.
Unlike the other hemp companies we have reviewed so far, Mary’s Medicinals sells marijuana products as well as CBD products. Apparently, ‘Mary’ doesn’t refer to a founder named Mary but is instead an everyman term to describe those seeking natural healing. Mary’s pioneered a product called the Transdermal Cannabis Patch. As we understand it, this is a form of weed patch containing THC and other cannabinoids. It releases therapeutic substances into the body over a span of up to 12 hours. They do not appear to display 3 rd party labs on their website, but if most of their products get you high, there’s no need really. When you’re high, you know at least it has the THC in it, so you don’t have to worry about labs so much. We will focus our review on their Remedy oil product. This is one of their products that has little or no psychoactive effect. However, like the other products, Mary’s Medicinals only sell it in states which have legalized medicinal marijuana laws in effect and in practice. However, you can purchase it online from the subsidiary, Mary’s Nutritionals.

Mary’s Medicinals hemp oil

Is its CBD oil? Yes. May also contain some THC.
Old, the trusted company? Yes. It started operating in 2013.
Contains verified therapeutic levels of CBD? Yes.
Sourced in the United States? Yes. Grown in the state of Colorado.
Sourced in Europe? No.
Certified Organic in the US? Unknown.
Certified Organic by the European Commission? Unknown.
Did the lab test in the United States? Yes.
3 rd Party Testing? Yes. You must request labs.
Do they tell what percentage CBD in a product? Yes.
CO2 extracted? Unknown.
GMO-free? Yes.
Pesticide-free? Yes.
Functional Website? Yes. Very well-done.
Memberships Unknown. They have won several awards for their products, the most recent being the 2017 Most Valuable Brand Award at the Cannabis Business Awards.

So far, we have to reserve judgment on Mary’s Medicinals CBD hemp oil products. We simply were not able to ascertain the 3 rd party lab information about the products from the website. However, these products have good distribution at stores in legal medical and recreational marijuana states. So, breaking from protocol, we can forgive them for not having labs readily available because they are expecting you will buy a product at a store in a legal state and then see for yourself how psychoactive it is. Only, for this product, that doesn’t work because it’s one of the non-psychoactive products. You will just have to trust that it contains the CBD levels stated. For the record, the company has invested in expensive lab machines including Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) testing equipment and they are expanding their labs’ capabilities. This is all well and good for marijuana products where you can know what you got by getting high, but it doesn’t work so well for CBD products. You need to see those labs to know if there’s CBD in it. However, since we have not found complaints about marijuana products, we will assume for now that the Remedy product contains the stated level of cannabinoids.

Description of Mary’s Medicinals CBD Oil

Mary’s Medicinals prices and products

Remedy Oil (15 mL)

Mary’s has a subsidiary called Mary’s Nutritionals. Mary’s Nutritionals appears to deal mainly in hemp products with less than 0.3% THC; therefore, theoretically, these can ship all over the US. Remedy Oil is included under this banner so you might be able to get it even if you live in a state which does not have liberal medical marijuana laws. CBD hemp oil drops can hypothetically be sold in all states but I haven’t yet seen that claim made on either website, Mary’s Medicinals, or Mary’s Nutritionals. However, we would say the risk is low of facing prosecution for having a CBD hemp oil product.

  • Hemp extract (500 mg of extract)Cannabidiol and over one hundred other cannabinoids can be found in the hemp extracts. Cannabinoids have demonstrated analgesic, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory effects in studies. Hemp extract also contains terpenoids and is suspended in healthy fatty acids. One drop of Remedy oil contains 2 mg of hemp extract. Full-spectrum extracts have in some studies been shown to be more effective than isolated cannabidiol alone. Mary’s Medicinals CBD, terpenes, vitamins, and fatty acids all enhance the action of the hemp extract. This is called the entourage effect. Believe it or not, this oil is based on the anointing oil used in the Old Testament. Cost: $ 80Gotta say that’s quite a bit of damage there, but this does appear to be a concentrated, high-quality oil, even despite the lack of 3 rd party labs.
  • Low THC (less than 0.3%) Hemp oil hemp oil is a source of vitamins, minerals, healthy fatty acids, and other phytonutrients.
  • Almond OilAlmond oil has healthy fatty acids. Eating almonds have been observed to help lower blood sugar and help spur weight loss.
  • Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Cinnamon Bark OilCinnamon is known to help control and lower blood sugar.
  • MyrrhMyrrh has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Natural TerpenoidsTerpenoids boost the effects of cannabinoids and add to the anti-inflammatory effect.

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patch, no THC

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Patch

This patch is a marvel. It is made with industrial hemp, low THC, and delivers 10 mg of hemp extract. At least one of our social media friends have found the patch to be active and effective. The patch is said to be effective for up to 12 hours. It can bring relief from anxiety and tension for a full day, all of your waking hours essentially.

  1. Terpenes: Enhances the action of cannabinoids and has anti-inflammatory properties of its own.
  2. Sunflower Lecithin: this is used as anything from brain food to skin moisturizer. It is extensively used in health supplements due to containing substances that appear to improve memory and brain function.
  3. Propylene Glycol: Not irritating to the skin. Maybe a factor in the time-release aspect of the product.
  4. Oleic Acid: this is an omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid. It is commonly associated with the health benefits derived from olive oil.
  5. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: This is the main active component. There is 10 mg per patch.
  6. Eucalyptus: One of the most popular health plants of all time. It’s known for use on skin irritation and to relieve muscle pain and tension.
  7. Acrylic Adhesive: This is what makes the patch stick to the skin.

Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch, with THC

This is the real gem for sure. You can get it with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. It could provide pain relief for eight to twelve hours. We know of no other delivery system this advanced. At least one Reddit user has verified that they feel this delivery system is working when they put it on. One user said it took two hours to work. Mary’s Medicinals says the patch takes about 20 minutes to kick in. In any case, this is an incredibly interesting way to get your THC and/or CBD.

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The Remedy – CBD 500mg

Mary’s concentrated tincture is an easy way to add CBD to your daily wellness routine. With organic full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring cannabidiol and THC, nutrient-dense sweet almond oil, hormone-balancing myrrh and the warmth of cinnamon oil, this soothing blend helps provide physical and mental relief. The Remedy packs 250 servings into just a half-ounce bottle, and each drop contains a 2mg dose of CBD.

Purchase a similar CBD product from Mary’s Nutritionals.

This product is not available online. It can only be purchased through licensed dispensaries in states where medical or recreational cannabis is legal. Full product suite may not be available in all locations. Please visit our Store Locator to find a store near you.

How To Use

Place one to two drops under the tongue as needed.


Sweet almond oil, cannabis extract, cinnamon leaf oil, cinnamon bark oil, myrrh oil. Contains tree nuts.


Tastes wonderful, been using for 1 month

This is a great consumable, pain relief issue in my world is 80percent for sure highly recommended. I have been Using CBD for 6 month’s try some you will not be disappointed peace out.

IVE ONLY been using it for about a week so far. Ive had both headaches and an upset tummy. The only reason i mention this is because i was wondering if the upset tummy and headache reactions are temporary. fact is, i really hope so! im a recovering alcoholic (4 yrs) and feeling sick just reminds me of drinking. in addition, ive got my boyfriend trying this out SO HE WILL GET OFF THE NARCOTICS…. oxycodone. this drug has completely ended our sex life and it way sucks. new new new

Is this safe for my dog in small amounts? I have been using Suvanti Pets, but the Mary’s looks the same and I would like to use it.

THC is not safe for dogs however, CBD is! We have various Mary’s products made specifically for dogs. Check them out here:

Best ever! Been using for two weeks and have slept better than I have in years. Highly recommended.

Mary’s best-selling tincture contains 500mg of CBD, cinnamon oil, myrrh and sweet almond oil. One single drop under the tongue constitutes a 2mg dose.