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BATCH bets on themselves by offering free CBD samples to all

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How three young entrepreneurs brought CBD from passion project to perfect product

In a sea of cookie-cutter CBD companies, three young entrepreneurs are showing that a little extra attention can build something unique. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, lifelong friends Dennis Mistrioty, Andy Gould, and Griffin Lynch dove into the CBD industry by founding Wisconsin Hemp Scientific.

Now after over two years of success, they’re relaunching as BATCH, a boutique line of premium CBD tinctures, lotions, and balms.

What makes BATCH unique is the same thing that made Wisconsin Hemp Scientific stand out: in-house extracting and novel product formulations from only the highest quality, locally grown hemp. After an abundance of stellar feedback, BATCH leveraged their creativity and knack for engineering to launch a line of CBD products you won’t find anywhere else in the industry.

Using only the finest organic ingredients, each product is meticulously crafted in-house with a variety of signature full-spectrum hemp extracts coupled with powerful terpene blends.

Although their branding has evolved, the goal has remained the same: create a personalized handcrafted CBD product for every lifestyle. In fact, BATCH is so confident that you will love their new offerings they are offering a free CBD sample to all who inquire.

Let BATCH show you the best Wisconsin has to offer.

Cannabis “Grad School”

It is no coincidence that BATCH found success in a rapidly evolving industry. Before the company ever owned a single beaker, the team traveled west and received an extensive cannabis education from a variety of growers, processors, engineers, and retailers in Seattle, WA.

Driven by an unwavering curiosity and motivation, the guys behind the brand quickly became hemp experts. Returning from Seattle with newfound expertise (especially for the Midwest), the team wasted no time designing their own vertically integrated production facility in Wisconsin where all BATCH operations still take place today.

A true passion project

Mistrioty, Lynch, and Gould fostered their entrepreneurial spirit while roommates at UW-Madison. The 2018 Farm Bill, which cleared the way for legal hemp cultivation, passed right around the trio’s graduation. Their business partnership came just as naturally as their friendship.

Mistrioty had just earned his business degree, while Lynch and Gould graduated with degrees in chemical engineering. Mistrioty’s business knowledge paired with Lynch and Gould’s scientific perspective created a perfect synergy for hemp processing.

Not only did the opportunity present itself at the perfect time, CBD products and wellness are something they all care about deeply.

“The hemp industry was clearly a perfect match for our skill set, but the decision to pursue this path was ultimately motivated by our passion for wellness, sustainability, and the desire to make a difference in the lives of others,” says Mistrioty.

BATCH Rebrand

Hundreds of trials later, Wisconsin Hemp Scientific became BATCH which produces effective CBD products presented in creative, unique packaging. BATCH is rooted in science and crafted from nature using the finest organic hemp.

“We leveraged what we’ve learned over the last two years in the industry and deliberately improved every aspect of our products from the formulation to the packaging,” says Mistrioty. Just as they did with their lab setup, the BATCH team took the best the industry had to offer, broke it down, and rebuilt it to an even higher standard with a personalized touch. And with a complete packaging overhaul, the creativity on the inside matches the aesthetic on the outside.

The new lineup starts with effect-based twists on the popular ORIGINAL tincture blend: CALM, DREAM, SOOTHE, and CLARITY join the classic formula. Powered by varieties of BATCH’s house-made extracts, each blend is enhanced with a unique terpene blend.

Each distinct blend offers a subtle flavor profile that makes you appreciate hemp’s robust potential. New packaging with a distinctive “B” motif and an eye-catching bottle gives a fresh look to the same consistent CBD products. The tincture box is even made of hemp!

BATCH’s balms, designed for topical relief, are highly concentrated and designed as a perfect topical solution for when you’re on the go. A twist-up container—think of a standard deodorant container, but better—allows for easy, mess-free application in both 1-ounce and 2.5-ounce sizes.

Lotion formulas moisturize with coconut oil and aloe vera, and now 2.5 times as concentrated in CBD, at 250 milligrams per ounce. The BATCH rebrand includes bold new squeeze-bottle packaging, and your choice of two scents: rejuvenating rosemary mint or calming lavender ylang ylang.

The connection from soil to oil is integral to BATCH products. In an industry that already seems to be leaving the farmer behind, BATCH is still intimately connected with the local growers it has always relied upon. The badger state, with its rich soil and agricultural history, is quickly proving itself as a hemp cultivating utopia, and BATCH is eager to share the spotlight with their farmers.

Free CBD samples for all

In an industry full of proprietary techniques and secret recipes, transparency remains at the forefront for BATCH. “The last thing the industry needs is for hemp to seem sketchy,” says Mistrioty.

“We welcome tours as often as possible, because we believe it’s more important to demystify this industry than it is to try and look like we’re doing something secret,” he says.

“In Wisconsin, craft breweries are everywhere,” he continues. “When you go on a brewery tour, you fall in love with that brand because you get to hear their whole story and you get to listen to the nuanced techniques that differentiate each product. We try as much as we can to take that approach here.”

Even if you can’t make it to Wisconsin, the BATCH team would love to show off what they’re up to and help you decide if CBD is right for you. They even have free samples (just pay a flat $4 for shipping) to make it a risk-free experience for anyone interested in trying high-quality CBD.

Mistrioty notes that high quality, concentrated CBD tinctures can often be expensive. BATCH made a point to offer “mini” CBD tinctures starting at just $35 a bottle, so customers can try concentrated, effective blends without breaking the bank.

“We’re so confident—not just in ourselves, but that CBD in general can help so many. We’d like everyone to try it,” he says.

See what BATCH is all about and go get your free CBD sample now!

In a sea of cookie-cutter CBD companies, three young entrepreneurs are showing that a little extra attention can build something unique.

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