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cloud 9 cbd oil

CBD Hemp Oil

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The hemp plant consists of thousands of non-psychoactive cannabinoids and Cannabidiol is one of them. This substance is known for its ability to act on the body’s cannabinoid receptors and bring immense relief to various health conditions. It has fantastic pain-alleviating and anti-inflammatory properties which has made it a popular choice among people. Using CBD Hemp oil, you can promote the health regulation of our central nervous, endocannabinoid and immune systems.

Cloud9Hemp brings a fantastic range of CBD Hemp Oil. It is

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  • 100% organic

It is manufactured using CO2 extraction method. Using this product is the best way to rediscover nature and its goodness. It helps us in leading happier and healthier lives. With our amazing range of CBD Products, we are trying to promote the benefits of this product to a broader audience.

CBD Hemp Oil helps people in getting relief from a variety of physical and mental ailments. Modern science has made it possible to enjoy the benefits of the Hemp plant. Visit us to buy superior-quality CBD Hemp Oil which has undergone rigorous lab-testing before reaching you. We have ensured optimal CBD Content in them allowing you to enjoy its amazing benefits.

Nature offers the wealth of goodness in its products, and we at Cloud9Hemp strive hard to help you enjoy them with our range of products. Visit us and check out our product range and select the one that is best suited for you.

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Cloud 9 cbd oil

Written by Tyler Swell — Edited by Cathy Rozyczko on February 9, 2021

Some CBD brands try to do it all. Others focus on a certain segment they’re passionate about or do particularly well. Cloud 9 is trying to do both. Their CBD oil product line has a vast array of options in eight different categories, but their expertise and fervor clearly lie in vaping. Vape blends artfully crafted using a proprietary process are the obvious winners of the Cloud 9 lineup. But this brand has far to go to receive our stamp of approval.

Cloud 9 Hemp was founded in 2014 in Tennessee by a team looking to provide the best legal alternative to medicinal cannabis illegal in their state. The team has years of blending and mixing knowledges when it comes to vape e-liquids, and that’s pretty much all we know about the people behind Cloud 9 Hemp. We can’t be sure, but this reads like another CBD brand created by vape industry veterans.

Cloud 9 Hemp states that they perform “rigorous” testing on all their products proudly made in the USA, but we can find zero evidence, as they post zero results for purity or contaminants. They won’t be receiving the Safety Badge until they do.

Although the information about the team and processes is lacking, the Cloud 9 Hemp product lineup is expansive, with a focus on the CBD vape segment:

  • CBD e-liquids come in 16 flavors and go from 100 mg at $19.99 to 1000 mg at $99.99. In addition to CBD, these e-juice blends contain organic VG, PG, and “food-based flavorings,” all of which are apparently sourced locally and domestically. Cloud 9 uses a proprietary process of ultrasonic emulsification, blending, and steeping to create their delicious concoctions.
  • CBD vape cartridges
  • CBD vape supplies include starter kits, and vape tanks. Other accessories are available from a third-party vendor.
  • CBD oil – Cloud 9 breaks this category down into two subsegments: CBD hemp oil and CBD tinctures. They describe the former as 100% organic, but it contains full spectrum cannabidiol that is not certified organic and MCT oil, also not organic. The CBD tinctures line contains their hemp oil tinctures, CBD Syrup Spray, and Terpenes+CBD Drops. The first group counts full spectrum CBD, VG, MCT oil, and natural and artificial flavors as ingredients. The CBD Syrup Spray has the same ingredients plus added terpenes and comes in five different flavors. Finally, the Terpenes+CBD Drops have the same ingredients as the CBD Syrup Spray, but the cannabidiol used is in isolate form.
  • CBD edibles (look out for artificial flavors and colors in the gummy bears)
  • CBD additive/concentrates
  • CBD oil drops for pets
  • CBD topicals – We approve of half of this line, namely the CBD face mask and CBD healing balm. We cannot say the same for the other two products which contain a laundry list of dicey ingredients we incessantly call out in CBD topicals, including triethanolamine, dimethicone, and EDTA. But there’s two more ingredients in both the CBD body lotion and CBD cream actually more risky than these, and this is our first time to encounter them in CBD products: diazolidinyl urea and iodopropynyl butylcarbamate (a mouthful, we know). The first releases formaldehyde, a carcinogenic impurity, and the second is documented as toxic by inhalation. Do us a favor, stay away from these two products and any products you see with these last two ingredients.

Bottom Line – Cloud 9 Hemp misses the boat on safety and uses a lot of artificial ingredients in their CBD product line. We’d like to see them wave goodbye to the nasty stuff in their topicals and get on board with their testing regime.

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