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Best CBD Oil in West Virginia

The Best Places to Buy CBD in West Virginia

CBD is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market, with shops popping up in all 50 states and online retailers selling wholesale premium CBD products. In all, hemp-derived CBD contributes to an industry with $500 million in annual imports, and most experts predict the market to continue expand with additional legislation, medical research, and consumers learning more about the many health benefits of cannabidiol.

While West Virginia has brick-and-mortar CBD shops that we’ll highlight below, many CBD users in West Virginia choose to purchase products online, which features several advantages. First, selection: online retailers generally offer an extensive range of high-quality CBD oils, edibles, tinctures, juices, and other products in multiple grades to accommodate experienced CBD users and CBD novices. Second, online CBD retailers tend to have wholesale prices, which means premium, affordable CBD. And finally, ordering online gets your CBD delivered straight to your door, turning CBD shopping into a streamlined and convenient experience.

Next, let’s review CBD’s legal status in West Virginia.

Is CBD Legal in West Virginia?

Governor Jim Justice signed SB 386 into law in April of 2017. This law established a comprehensive medical cannabis program that would guarantee access and protected use of medical marijuana for any patient that was diagnosed with a qualifying condition. Possession and recreational use of marijuana remain illegal, and this includes marijuana-derived CBD. However, marijuana-derived CBD does fall under the terms of SB 386 for those of you who are eligible for a license and can obtain a prescription from your doctor. The law is still taking shape in the state, though, so there is progress being made.

Industrial hemp in West Virginia began its path to legality as far back as 2002. Commercial hemp has been legal to grow, harvest, possess, and process since that time. Further legislation paved the way for the expansion of industrial hemp in the state and West Virginia passed the Industrial Hemp Development Act in 2018. Hemp-derived CBD is legal for medicinal and recreational possession and use in the state and has been since the first Farm Bill in 2014. Additionally, in April of 2019, the governor signed a bill modifying the state’s hemp program, ensuring that CBD is explicitly legal.

What Is CBD?

So what is CBD? One of over 85 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, CBD distinguishes itself on one important point: it doesn’t get you high. With only trace amounts of THC, CBD is a non-psychotropic that offers a safe alternative to other cannabis products, plus a growing list of major health benefits.

In particular, CBD affects the oft-overlooked endocannabinoid system, which controls everyday functions like sleep, mood, appetite, hormone regulation, and pain. And yet academic research suggests we’re only beginning to understand CBD’s biggest health advantages: general anxiety disorders, chronic pain, schizophrenia, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and ALS all might be reduced, mitigated, or prevented via CBD usage, according to evidence by top medical studies.

The more we learn about CBD’s potential health benefits, the more we’ll learn how to use it to reduce risks for everything from insomnia to depression to cancer.

CBD Oil Shops in Charles Town

Charlies Too (835 E Washington St, Charles Town, WV 25438) sells high-quality CBD liquids in 20 flavors. You’ll also find vape products, accessories, and an oxygen bar. Prices are always affordable, and the service is delivered by a friendly, knowledgeable staff that’s eager to help you navigate the store’s extensive selection.

CBD Oil Shops in Martinsburg

Opened in 1992, Eclipse 4922 (Williamsport Pike, Martinsburg, WV 25404) has been one of the tri-state’s most trusted smoke shops for over 25 years. With a 3,000 square foot space, Eclipse’s wall-to-wall selection includes hand blown pipes, Kratom products, and an variety of hemp-derived CBD products. Open seven days a week, 11AM-7PM.

CBD Oil Shops in Morgantown

Morgantown is home to several vape shops which might have CBD products in stock: Smokers Emporium (4151 University Town Ctr Dr, Morgantown, WV 26501); The Vapor Room (732 Beechurst Ave, Morgantown, WV 26505); and AVAIL Vapor (412 Suncrest Town Ctr, Morgantown, WV 26505). All shops have at least 4-star ratings, and feature affordable prices and quality service.

CBD Oil Shops in Charleston

Charleston residents looking to buy CBD products should check in on Vapor Mall (502 W Washington St, Charleston, WV 25302); Capitol City Vapors (4002 Maccorkle Ave E Charleston, Kanawha City, WV 25304); and Full Steam Vapor, with two locations (3999 Teays Valley Rd, Hurricane, WV 2552; and (5252 US Route 60 E, Huntington, WV 25705).

CBD Oil Shops in Huntington

Huntington has about a half-dozen vape shops in the area, including Select A Vapor (3476 U S 60 Barboursville, WV 25504), Madvapes (3476 Route 60 East, Barboursville, WV 25504), and several across the border in Ohio and Kentucky which may carry CBD oil products.

You can also find CBD Products online and have them shipped to you!

Best CBD Oil in West Virginia The Best Places to Buy CBD in West Virginia CBD is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market, with shops popping up in all 50

Where to Buy CBD in West Virginia in 2020

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Are you looking for a reliable supplier of CBD in West Virginia?

CBD products are widely available in West Virginia both online and in-store. This article will clear up any concerns you might have about the law and show you how to buy high-quality CBD in West Virginia.

As the demand for CBD skyrockets in the United States, more and more companies are entering the market. There are a lot of quality CBD products available, but there is an equal number of fake and sketchy products.

The most important thing to keep in mind when shopping for CBD in West Virginia is to keep yourself up to date with laws and regulations as they change.

Let’s start by examining the legal climate regarding marijuana products in West Virginia.

Table of Contents
  • Buy CBD in Virginia:
  • Is CBD Legal in West Virginia?
    • CBD Vs. THC
  • How to Buy CBD in West Virginia
    • Advice for Buying High-Quality CBD in West Virginia
      • 1. Always Research Your CBD Products Before Making a Purchase
      • 2. Only Buy Products That Have Been Tested by an Outside Lab
      • 3. Look for Full-Spectrum CBD Products
      • 4. Remember that CO2 Extraction Is the Best Method for Producing High-quality CBD
      • 5. Make Sure Your CBD Is Made Using Industrial Hemp
  • Where Can You Buy CBD in West Virginia?
    • Online Shops
  • Marijuana Law in West Virginia
    • Marijuana Possession Penalties in West Virginia
  • Medical Marijuana in West Virginia
    • Eligible Medical Conditions for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia
  • Marijuana Legalization in West Virginia
  • Recommended CBD Retailers in West Virginia
    • Charleston
    • Huntington
    • Morgantown
  • Final Notes on Buying CBD in West Virginia

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Is CBD Legal in West Virginia?

Despite West Virginia having strict marijuana laws, you can still purchase CBD legally in the Mountain State. However, the law changes depending on how the CBD is made, so make sure you do your research before going out to place an order.


CBD can be made using flowering marijuana and industrial hemp plants. The key difference — when it comes to CBD and the law — is the amount of THC found in each plant.

THC is the ingredient found in marijuana that gets you high.

Flowering marijuana plants are the ones most commonly associated with hippies and the stoner culture. These plants produce smokable weed and might get you into trouble with the law.

Any CBD produced using a flowering marijuana plant will contain THC. This is illegal in the eyes of the Federal Government and the state of West Virginia.

CBD made from industrial hemp plants usually contains 0.3% THC or less, which means it won’t get you high. Therefore, you can take advantage of CBD without worrying about the buzz.

Under the 2014 Farm Bill, the Federal Government allowed farmers to produce industrial hemp for research and commercial purposes. Under the new Farm Bill, passed at the end of 2018, industrial hemp became an agricultural commodity.

Hemp was once considered the same as marijuana. However, under the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp is no longer considered a controlled substance; your favorite industrial hemp products are legal to purchase and consume in all 50 states.

Now, let’s dive into how you can get high-quality CBD locally and online in West Virginia.

How to Buy CBD in West Virginia

As we mentioned earlier, the CBD industry is brand new and continually changing. Therefore, the best way to find high-quality CBD is to keep yourself informed.

Don’t fall victim to one of the many fake CBD products being sold over the counter.

Advice for Buying High-Quality CBD in West Virginia

1. Always Research Your CBD Products Before Making a Purchase

There are hundreds of different products available on the market. Don’t buy the first one that you see. The Food and Drug Administration has found that many products sold in-store don’t actually contain any CBD. A quick Google search can often save you from buying a sketchy product.

2. Only Buy Products That Have Been Tested by an Outside Lab

Third-party labs can detect any unwanted or potentially harmful chemicals contained in CBD. They can also make sure that the CBD inside the product is equal to the amount the company is advertising. Any trustworthy company will have lab reports available on its website.

3. Look for Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Full-spectrum CBD products are those that are made using the entire hemp plant. CBD isolates are made using only parts of the plant and don’t contain other valuable cannabinoids. Read more about the benefits of cannabinoids here.

4. Remember that CO2 Extraction Is the Best Method for Producing High-quality CBD

CO2 extraction doesn’t require any additional solvents. It also doesn’t require heat, so the purity of the CBD is maintained. The process to perform CO2 extraction can be expensive, which demonstrates that the company is committed to making a high-quality product.

5. Make Sure Your CBD Is Made Using Industrial Hemp

This is the best way to avoid any trouble with the law. CBD made using flowering marijuana will contain THC, which means that it is still considered illegal under federal law. If a company can’t follow the law, what’re the odds that it’s following the few quality regulations in the industry?

If you keep this guide in mind when placing an order for CBD, you should be able to avoid many of the fake and low-quality products available online and in-store.

Where Can You Buy CBD in West Virginia?

Online Shops

Placing your order with a reputable online CBD supplier is the best way to find high-quality products.

You’ll also save yourself a lot of money by making your purchase online. When you cut out the middleman, the supplier can pass on the savings directly to the customer. Online, you’ll be able to find bulk purchase options or discount deals that local stores can’t offer.

It’s easy to conduct a background check on a CBD product before you buy it when you shop online. You won’t necessarily feel your CBD working when you take it, so it can be hard to know if you’re getting a solid product by only testing it.

When you shop online, you can check if the company’s products have been tested by a third-party lab and read customer reviews from the comfort of your own home.

Driving around town shopping for the right product for your needs is time-consuming. The next supplier is only a click or two away when you buy online. Save yourself the gas money and get your CBD delivered straight to your door.

With that being said, you should still be able to find a selection of CBD products over the counter in West Virginia. We have included a short list below of good places to try.

Marijuana Law in West Virginia

Currently, marijuana is illegal for recreational use in West Virginia. The Mountain State has recently introduced a medical marijuana program, with dispensaries opening up throughout 2019.

However, if you don’t have a West Virginia medical marijuana card, possession can come with jail time and fines.

Marijuana Possession Penalties in West Virginia

For the moment, marijuana possession remains illegal in West Virginia.

If caught with 15 grams or less of weed, you can face 90 days to 6 months in jail and a fine of $1000. The fines and penalties double for your second and subsequent offenses.

If you’re in possession of drug paraphernalia, you could also get an additional charge of six months in jail and a $5000 fine.

Growing marijuana is a felony in West Virginia. If the authorities find you in possession of marijuana plants, you could be sentenced to one to five years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Again, the penalties double for your second and following offenses.

Selling marijuana, in any amount, is a felony.

If you’re caught selling weed to a minor or near a school (within 1000 feet), you’ll be required to serve a minimum of two years in prison.

Therefore, don’t get caught selling marijuana in West Virginia.

In 2017, West Virginia passed it’s first marijuana laws. Check out the next section to find out if you’re eligible.

Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

Under SB 386 (the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act), patients with severe medical conditions can access marijuana in the form of capsules, tinctures, oil, gels, creams, or ointments. Currently, smokable forms of marijuana are not permitted.

Eligible Medical Conditions for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Damage to the spinal cord
  • Epilepsy
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Intractable seizures
  • Neuropathies
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Severe, chronic, or intractable pain due to a neuropathic condition
  • Severe, chronic, or intractable pain where traditional treatments are ineffective
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Terminal illness(less than a year to live)

If you have one of the above medical conditions, you might be able to register as a medical marijuana patient in West Virginia.

In addition to having an approved medical condition, you must also receive a recommendation from a West Virginia Board of Health certified doctor, be at least 18 years old, and register with the state as a medical marijuana patient.

Doctors must complete a four-hour course before they can legally recommend medical marijuana.

The state was supposed to start the distribution of medical marijuana cards after July 1, 2019. However, that didn’t happen and patients are still waiting.

Marijuana Legalization in West Virginia

Recreational marijuana doesn’t seem to be on the cards for West Virginia just yet; this is typical of southern states in general. Currently, only two (West Virginia and Florida) have legalized medical marijuana, and none have legalized recreational weed.

Recommended CBD Retailers in West Virginia

Try One of These West Virginia Stores for Everything CBD:


  1. Appalachian Cannabis Company
  2. Cap City CBD Plus
  3. Hazy Hollow Vapors
  4. New Found Vapes LLC
  5. The Capital City Vapors


  1. My Vapor Place
  2. The Vapor Bar
  3. Full Steam Vapor Huntington
  4. Smoke Time Sam’s
  5. District 4 Vapor


  1. AVAIL Vapor
  2. Glass Gone WOW
  3. The Vapor Hut
  4. The Vapor Room
  5. Smoker’s Emporium

If you’re trying to find a quality, local source of CBD in West Virginia, vape stores are usually your best bet.

Once West Virginia’s medical marijuana program is up and running, dispensaries will have the best information regarding CBD. More information about the medical marijuana program can be found here.

If you don’t see your city here, don’t be afraid to take a look online. Many great retailers can get CBD out to you in a few business days.

Final Notes on Buying CBD in West Virginia

Although the marijuana laws in West Virginia are strict, the Mountain State is making progress. Keep an eye out for medical marijuana dispensaries opening near you in 2020.

If you’re unable to get a West Virginia medical marijuana card, you can still legally purchase industrial hemp CBD locally and online.

Finding high-quality CBD in West Virginia is easy. Simply hop online and place your order with a trustworthy CBD supplier.

Are you looking to buy CBD legally in West Virginia? The state has recently introduced new medical marijuana laws. Learn more.