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cbd oil for tooth pain

Can CBD Soothe The Pain Of A Toothache?

Have You Asked Your Dentist About CBD Oil For Toothaches?

If you haven’t, why not? It’s widely known that THC and CBD have anti-inflammatory, and bone-stimulating properties which can help with severe conditions such as arthritis, why not use it for dental pain and swelling?

So, should you consider trying CBD oil the next time you get a toothache? Let’s look at some causes of tooth pain, and how CBD can help combat it.

What Causes Tooth Pain?

There can be many reasons for a toothache, but most of the time, the cause of a toothache is an infection. Bacteria buildup on the teeth and gums eventually spread to the nerves and blood vessels located on the inner part of the teeth. Infrequent brushing and poor hygiene help bacteria thrive.

Whatever the cause of pain might be, it is always recommended to visit a medical professional if you have a long-lasting or a severe toothache. Moreover, a professional check-up and cleaning every 6 months or 1 year is always advisable as a method of prevention for any dental disease.

Since there still isn’t enough research into the use of CBD in dentistry, the benefits have not been investigated thoroughly. As it is difficult to dose CBD, the results are inconsistent. Some patients find pain relief from their toothache with CBD oil, and some do not.

Watch Out For “Cottonmouth”

Those who consume cannabis know about cottonmouth. It’s a common symptom that happens whether you are consuming cannabis with THC or hemp with CBD. Cottonmouth just simply means dry mouth. Typically after consuming cannabis people may feel that their mouth becomes dry and they feel thirsty.

It’s important to remember that when recovering from any dental surgery, saliva is important. It contains antibacterial compounds that keep bacterial growth in check. Saliva also contains enzymes and proteins essential to tooth and gum health.

This is the reason it is important to be careful when using CBD oil to treat a toothache. Like THC, it also causes dry mouth. You just need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. You can also chew gum if you feel your mouth is getting dry to stimulate saliva production. Dry mouth due to CBD oil treatment goes away after some time. Dry mouth will happen less often when your body adjusts to the presence of CBD.

Tooth Extraction

Plain & Simple: DO NOT Smoke Cannabis After Tooth Extraction

Your dentist will warn you not to smoke after tooth extraction because smoking may cause dry socket. What is a dry socket? After removing one of the permanent teeth, a blood clot forms where it was removed. This clot of blood is important for healing, as it protects the bone and nerve endings.

When you smoke, the sucking motion causes pressure on your gums. This pressure is enough to damage the blood clot and a dry hole is formed. If the blood clot is removed, dissolved, or not completely formed, the nerve endings and bone become prone to infection. This condition is accompanied by severe pain in the oral cavity and in the face and requires immediate attention from the dentist.

How long should you wait before smoking cannabis after Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

People often ask : “How soon can I smoke cannabis after tooth extraction?

After your tooth has been removed, you should give up smoking for a period of two days to 1 week. If you really need to smoke, try to wait for 2 days but a 7 day period would be optimal to ensure that the wound has completely healed.

If you really need your fix of THC or CBD it is better for you to use edibles while the wound is healing.

Dry socket can be far worse than you think. It is worth waiting for the healing process to finish before smoking cannabis again.

Do you have any experience consuming cannabis after a tooth extraction? Do you use CBD oil to manage dental pain? Leave a comment and stay healthy!

Have you asked your dentist about CBD Oil for toothaches? It’s widely known that CBD has anti-inflammatory.

Immediate Relief from Tooth-Ache Pain with this Emergency Home Remedy

There’s nothing like tooth-ache pain to bring your world to a screeching halt and re-order all of your highest priorities to one thing only, “GET ME RELIEF RIGHT NOW!”

There are few things known to man more powerful than a screaming, throbbing tooth. One tiny little tooth, when gone bad, will make even the most ardent atheist cry out to God, or have a fundamentalist preacher sucking Jack Daniels like it was his mother’s milk.

Fortunately for you, you do not have to lose your religion or endanger your eternal soul just to stop tooth pain. And for the love of God man, put down those rusty pliers.

Now, if you’re in immediate pain just skip to the bottom of the page and find out exactly how to use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to stop tooth-ache pain in its tracks.

Here’s the secret to why Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is so good at stopping tooth pain

Inside each tooth, you have living tissue with an artery, vein, and a nerve. These parts of the tooth enable the tooth to feel sensation to pressure and to hot and cold. As well, these parts of the tooth can become infected. Certain bacteria in your mouth excrete acids and can bore their way through tooth enamel. Once bacteria get through the enamel, they gain access to the inside structure, dentin – which is like a sponge with tubules, and the inside of the tooth responds to these invaders with inflammation. Inflammation equals pain. The more inflammation – the more pain.

Now we’re all familiar with inflammation, but inflammation in a tooth area is very different than inflammation in other areas of the body. If you were to cut your hand, there’s room for the tissue to expand and swell up, but inside the hard enamel walls of a tooth, the swelling can’t expand. That, my dear friend, is why tooth pain is so excruciating. It’s somewhat unique, as there is nowhere else in the body that this takes place.

Here’s the KEY – Control the inflammation and you will control the pain.

This is yet one more reason why Full spectrum Hemp Oil with cannabinoids should be in every medicine cabinet. FS Hemp Oil is a proven anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. When it comes to pain related to inflammation, Green Flower Hemp Oil is one of the safest and most potent healing tools at your disposal.

To get tooth-ache pain relief:

Simply apply several drops of Green Flower Botanicals FS hemp oil directly to the tooth and surrounding area. If a few drops doesn’t do the trick, apply more until you get the relief desired. You can also apply oil to a cotton ball and place on the affected area.

Make Your Own Hemp Oil Based Tooth Ache Tincture

For the best results consider making this DIY maximum relief tooth-ache power remedy

You will need the following:

  1. An empty eye dropper bottle or small vial.

2. Coconut oil, Peanut oil or Vegetable Glycerin

3. A bottle of Green Flower Botanicals- Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

4. A bottle of clove oil

Prepare the tincture

  1. Put 5 ml (1 tsp) of Coconut oil, Peanut oil or vegetable glycerin in a clean and empty vial or eye dropper bottle.
  2. Add in 1ml (a full dropper – 20 drops) of Green Flower Botanicals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
    Note: Use the highest potency hemp oil you have. If using anything less than our 500mg oil you may want to double or triple the amount you use depending on the potency you have. Remember if you are trying to get relief from extreme pain you need the right amount of medicine for the job.
  3. Add in 3 drops of clove essential oil
  4. close bottle and shake to mix
  5. Use dropper to apply tincture directly to the affected tooth or use a cotton ball to swab.
  6. Repeat until you find the right amount of relief
  7. Caution: Clove oil can be irritating in certain quantities. Always start your dosing small and increase slowly until reaching the desired effect.

The last step is to make an appointment with your dentist. Hopefully, if you can’t get to your dentist right away, this remedy will keep you pain free until you can have your tooth looked at.

Here’s To Your Health! Hopefully this post made you smile!

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Immediate Relief from Tooth-Ache Pain with this Emergency Home Remedy There’s nothing like tooth-ache pain to bring your world to a screeching halt and re-order all of your highest priorities to