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cbd oil for sale amazon

Looking to Buy CBD Oil on Amazon? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t.

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This article was originally posted on Handpicked CBD. You can see the original article here.

When a good friend recommended I try CBD oil for my anxiety, the first thing I did was search on Amazon.

If you’ve tried to buy CBD oil on Amazon, I think you’ll agree:

It’s REALLY confusing! There’s lots of products that look like CBD oil, but instead they’re called “hemp oil” or “hemp extract”.

So what’s the deal?

Well, it turns out, Amazon doesn’t allow the sale of CBD oil. In fact, it doesn’t allow the sale of any CBD products at all. No CBD oils, drops, capsules, gummies. Nada. Nothing. No CBD at all.

That means every product on Amazon parading as CBD oil is up to something fishy.

The good news is:

You can buy high quality CBD oil from a whole host of other reputable online sources (like Handpicked CBD – obvious plug!)

In today’s post we’ll answer the most common questions on buying CBD oil on Amazon. And on top of that, we’ll show you exactly what you should look for when buying CBD products online.

So, let’s jump in.

Here’s the top questions people ask about buying CBD oil on Amazon:

Can I Buy CBD Oil on Amazon UK?

Amazon’s restricted product list clearly states that CBD oil shouldn’t be sold on Amazon.

In fact, it’s against their policy to sell any products that contain CBD.

Whether you’re in the UK, Europe or any other location it doesn’t matter, as the policy applies globally.

Here’s the exert from Amazon’s restricted product list:

“Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited, including but not limited to: i. Full spectrum hemp oil, ii. Rich hemp oil”

Here’s where the confusion comes in:

Whilst Amazon has banned all CBD products, they’ve not banned hemp products in general.

That means sellers are able to list products such as “Hemp Oil” or “Hemp Extract” and fly under the radar.

These sellers do everything to make their products look and sound like CBD oil without ever saying “CBD oil”.

So that leads to the next big question:

Is CBD Oil the Same as Hemp Oil?

Both CBD oil and hemp oil come from the cannabis plant. However.

CBD oil is extracted from the whole plant including the stalk, leaves and flowers whereas hemp oil is extracted from the seeds.

Hemp seeds are very healthy and have been used in cooking and wellness products for years. But.

Hemp seeds don’t contain CBD. In fact, they’ve hardly any cannabinoids at all.

To make matters worse:

Not-so-reputable companies are taking advantage of this “hemp” naming crossover to confuse consumers and make a quick buck.

What’s the bottom line?

Reputable CBD Companies DO NOT sell on Amazon.

Now I can’t categorically say that all of these “Hemp Extract” oils for sale on Amazon do not contain CBD.

Maybe some products do actually contain CBD and the seller has just designed the packaging and labelling specifically to trick Amazon’s non-CBD policy.

However, any reputable CBD brand simply wouldn’t do that.

If a seller is looking to trick Amazon with it’s labelling then how can you trust it’s not tricking you too? Maybe it’s lying about what’s actually in the bottle.

So how can you make sure you’re getting CBD oil?

The only way to ensure a CBD oil product contains CBD is to have it tested in a lab. Preferably by a 3rd party lab that has no affiliation to the CBD brand itself.

All reputable CBD brands get 3rd party lab reports for their products. And then they publish those lab results online.

These “fake” CBD products on Amazon never have 3rd party lab reports attached. Therefore you can’t be sure if there’s CBD in them.

Amazon “CBD” products can’t be trusted.

If CBD Oil is legal in the UK, why has Amazon banned it?

As long as CBD products contain less that 1mg of THC then they are legal in the UK (and the majority of the world).

But here’s the kicker:

Amazon still views all cannabis-derived products, including CBD, as prohibited drugs.

Simply because it’s too risky for them not to.

The cannabis industry is slowly moving from illegal status to legal across the world.

But every country (and even states) has different rules on cannabis and cannabis derived products.

From a legalality point of view, it’s all very merky and confusing, and simply not worth the risk for the likes of Amazon.

They’re shipping millions of packages every year, to self-police and cater to the ever changing legal CBD landscape would be a nightmare.

It’s easier for them to just ban it entirely until it’s globally legal everywhere.

eBay does the same. And it’s for this reason the likes of Google and Facebook don’t allow CBD advertising, and PayPal and Stripe don’t allow CBD payments.

So, if Amazon doesn’t sell CBD oil…

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil Online in the UK?

Most reputable CBD brands will have their own website to sell their products.

And with the absence of Amazon, online stores like Handpicked CBD, that sell CBD products from multiple brands, are starting to emerge.

Where Should I Buy CBD Oil From?

Firstly, do your research into a brand before buying anything.

Look for non-GMO, organically grown products that come with 3rd party lab reports to ensure their ingredients.

CBD is a brilliant natural product that’s helping millions of people globally. If you’re new to it, then it’s super important you’re actually trying a product that contains CBD! (Obviously!).

The challenge is:

In an unregulated market, it’s up to the CBD companies to regulate themselves.

That’s why all reputable companies now publish 3rd party lab reports to confirm their cannabinoid ingredients. It’s their way of building trust.

Handpicked CBD Does The Research For You

The reason we created Handpicked CBD is so you don’t have to do a bucket-load of research and lab report reading before buying a product.

Of cource you can, but with Handpicked CBD we want to create a retail destination where you can shop for CBD products with the peace of mind that you’re definitely getting what the label says.

We rigorously vet all of the brands whose products we list on the website, making sure they follow best practices from seed to shelf.

Every product on Handpicked CBD has a lab report that we’ve checked, and it’s attached to the listing for you to check too.

We actively try and test every product within our community, and are always asking for feedback to ensure we’re only stocking the best CBD oils, balms, edibles and more.

If you’re new to CBD, feel free to check out Handpicked CBD’s resource pages and store.

And if you’ve any questions, please get in touch with our team or leave a comment!

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George Vincent

Director of Ecommerce at Materia

New article on the dangers of buying CBD oil on Amazon. (Hint: it’s probably not CBD oil). Have a read and let me know what you think! Any questions at all give me a shout. #cannabis #cbd #cbdoil #amazon #hemp #hempoil

This article was originally posted on Handpicked CBD. You can see the original article here.

Cbd oil for sale amazon

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