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The Best CBD Eye Drops: Better C Daily

Recently though, CBD, or cannabidiol, has gained international attention for being a panacea for many different physical complaints. The beauty of CBD is that it works similarly to THC, the substance responsible for inducing the “high” in marijuana. However, CBD contains none of the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis, and therefore will not cause any mind-altering effects.

CBD can be used to address a wide range of issues, including disorders of the eye. Its anti-inflammatory effects alone are worth looking into for anyone with eye pain, strain, blurred vision, floaters, and migraine auras.

Generally, patients use CBD in one of four ways.

•By ingesting it as an oil, tincture, capsule, or edible
•By using it transdermally as a patch applied to the skin
•By inhaling it through vaping
•By applying it as a topical cream or lotion

Now, a company called GL Wellness has created the first eye drops that include CBD as one of the main ingredients. This is an exciting development for the CBD industry as well as for eye care. Previously, creators of CBD eye drops were stalled because CBD oil doesn’t mix well with water, and for CBD to work it needs to penetrate the tear layer of the cornea. GL Wellness has solved this problem with C-Better Daily’s unique formulation.

C Better Daily is created using CBD that has been extracted through the subcritical CO2 process. Then, it is microencapsulated and engineered at 300 nanometers. This results in nano-cannabinoids that are water-compatible, easily absorbed, and exceptionally bioavailable. The company claims that these CBD eye drops can penetrate through every level in your eyes, (including your optic nerves) delivering CBD directly to where it needs to be to help with cataracts, glaucoma, and more.

Additionally, the other active ingredient in these drops is N-Acetyl-Carnosine, an ingredient that has proven to accelerate the healing of many ophthalmic conditions. Depending on the formulation, different herbal extracts are added to provide further benefits from itching, watering, redness, and more. The company calls this proprietary herbal formulation simply, Eyebright. Chamomile Hydrosol is used instead of saline because it is soothing and hydrating to the eyes.

There are five formulations of C Better Daily ranging in Price from $26.10 to $43.50:

Adult Maximum Strength: Contains 100 mg of CBD, chamomile hydrosol, Eyebright, and NAC

Adult Regular Strength: Contains 50 mg of CBD, chamomile hydrosol, Eyebright, and NAC (the sensitive solution contains no NAC)

Soothing Formula: Contains 30 mg of CBD, chamomile hydrosol, Eyebright, and NAC

Kids Formula: Contains 30 mg of CBD, chamomile hydrosol, Eyebright (no NAC)

Pet Formula: Contains 40 mg of CBD, chamomile hydrosol, Eyebright, and NAC

C Better Daily can be purchased through the GL Wellness website, however, their ordering system is way over-complicated. You fill out a purchase form and send it back to them, they send you an invoice in your email, you pay the invoice, and then they mail the package out to you.

We find this to be a highly convoluted way of obtaining a product online. It is unclear what the purpose of not having an online shopping cart is. However, there are several online retailers carrying the product as well, and we recommend purchasing the eye drops through Hemp Superstore.

ProTeamBrady’s shipping and refunds policy:

Free shipping on all US orders over $150

If a product is lost, defective, or damaged, you must contact support within 48 hours, and they will make it right by offering a replacement, refund, or store credit at their discretion. If the fault is on their end, they will pay return shipping fees.

Hemp products that have been opened are not eligible for refunds. However, if they are unopened, you may return them within 30 days at your own shipping cost, minus a 15% restocking fee. Email the company at [email protected] to initiate a return.

C Better Daily Pros:

  • CBD eye drops fill a much-needed void in the eye care industry.
  • The product offers a relatively inexpensive way to utilize the powerful benefits of CBD for ophthalmic conditions.
  • Initial reviews are promising, and many people have claimed remarkable results ranging from eyesight improvement, drastic lowering of eye pressure in patients with glaucoma, improvement in macular eye degeneration, and even one instance of a horse with an eye infection that cleared right up after using the drops!


  • Complicated return policy
  • The GL Wellness website is challenging to navigate and has a poor UX design


An eye drop with CBD in it has been a long time in the making, and we feel it’s an excellent start. Customers seem genuinely happy with the product, in some cases experiencing dramatic results.

If you are experiencing eye problems, it may be worth a try to see if C Better Daily is effective for you, especially if conventional medicine is not working. The only drawback is the difficult user interface at GL Wellness, but since the drops can be ordered elsewhere online so this is not as problematic as it could be.

Not to be overlooked, the company’s CBD eye drops for pets have nearly as many positive reviews as the ones for their humans, so if your pet is suffering from an eye condition, we definitely recommend giving these drops a try. They seem to be quite effective in our four-legged friends as well.

CBD may be used to address many eye-related issues. After exhaustive research, we found one company that produces the best CBD eye drops on the market.


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Healing cataracts for pets and humans .
Yes we can heal anything 🙂


Our pets love Ormus minerals too

It’s been 9 months since I’ve seen my dog and cat but it feels like it’s been 5 years. A few months ago my parents, who are watching my animals in Kansas, said that my dog might have a stye in her eye because she’s having a hard time seeing and bumping into things. So they did what they know best to do and took her to the vet. They said it was a bacterial infection so they gave her antibiotics. It was then that I realized the problem. I usually give my animals some of my minerals but they haven’t had any for months while I’ve been here in NYC.

Since the simple electrolysis method I use doesn’t require any salt or chemicals, it’s only electricity, distilled water, and the pure element in nano sized particles, it’s completely safe to use as eye drops. So I sent some of my Ultimate Antibiotic (Colloidal Gold, Silver, and Titanium) minerals to them for her eyes and some salty Full spectrum Ormus minerals to put in their water bowls. Now my animals are healthy and happy again. Well, my cat is still a little shit but I haven’t found any minerals that will help with that yet 😉 I so look forward to being reunited with them again in less than a couple weeks.

The picture below is a screenshot of another great story sent to me yesterday about my Electrum Elixir, which is made from .999 pure Gold and Silver, healing a cat’s eye. Thank you for all those who send me feedback so that it may help benefit others.

And here’s where you can find more information about all the different colloidal elixirs I make:

Healing cataracts for pets and humans … Yes we can heal anything 🙂