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best vaporizer for cbd oil

Best CBD Vape Pens

Best CBD Vape Pens

CBD is soaking up the spotlight as one of the most versatile products on the market. Brands continue to come out with creative ways to get your daily dose of CBD oil , but vaping seems to hold its spot as a fan favorite. Vaping is one of the best ways to experience the potential benefits of CBD because of its high bioavailability and almost immediate onset. Due to their sleek design, CBD vape pens can easily fit in your pocket or bag to tag along on all your adventures. There is no shortage of vape pens to choose from, so we did the leg work to help you find the best CBD vape pen for your lifestyle. Read our CBD vape pen review below.

Best CBD Vape Pens 2021: Our Picks

1. CBDfx Vape Pen

CBDfx Vape Pen

Our Rating


    American grown hemp Third-party lab tested Different flavors and effects Low CBD concentration Well priced

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Coming in hot as one of the leading CBD brands is CBDfx . Whether you’re looking to grab a disposable CBD vape pen or a full vape kit, CBDfx has you covered. Their disposable options come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors that deliver 30-50 mg of broad-spectrum CBD. Rich in terpenes, the 50 mg vape pens unlock the entourage effect to amplify the therapeutic properties of each naturally-occurring compound. You won’t find any cheap fillers or additives here either—just pure CBD oil made from USA-grown organic hemp plants.

The all-inclusive CBD vape kits set you up with everything you need to spark up a session right out of the box. With an industry-leading ceramic glass/steel cartridge and a temperature setting optimized for CBD oil, the CBDfx vape oil kits are built to deliver a memorable vaping experience. Pair these kits with CBDfx flavored CBD oil for some extra tasty clouds.

2. JustCBD Vape Pen

JustCBD Vape Pen

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    American grown hemp Third-party tested A variety of flavors Available in different colors Broad-spectrum CBD vape Fast charging

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JustCBD’s rechargeable CBD vapes are created with discretion in mind for lowkey puffs on-the-go. Don’t let the compact size fool you. This vape may fit in your pocket, but it packs the punch of a full-grown stallion. Charge up in a little less than three hours, give it a few clicks, and you’re off to the races.

Not only do these CBD vape pens come in a variety of colors, but the THC-free flavored cartridges take the experience to a whole other level. Watermelon, strawberry, and vanilla custard cream are just a few options that will have you chilling and coasting on cloud nine. JustCBD doesn’t mess around when it comes to potency either. Cartridges come in 200 mg or 1,000 mg of CBD, making this the best CBD vape pen for users with a high tolerance.

3. Fab CBD vape pen

Fab CBD vape pen

Our Rating


    Broad-spectrum product Fruity calming flavor Disposable pen

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Fab CBD’s vape pen range is limited to two options: Active and Calm, named for their intended effects. The Calm blend contains linalool and nerol to deliver an orange floral flavor. The Active blend uses limonene to give the vape juice a citrus flavor. Both blends are made from broad-spectrum hemp extract using medium-chain triglycerides (MCT oil) from coconut as the carrier oil.

Fab CBD‘s pen is disposable and draw-activated. The carefully selected group of terpenes work in synergy with CBD and other cannabinoids to enhance the user experience. Each vape pen is calibrated to deliver 250 mg of CBD in consistent 2 mg doses with a single draw. The quality is there, but the $49 price tag is a bit steep for a single-use vape.

4. Social CBD vape pen

Social CBD vape pen

Our Rating


    Comes in three flavors Ceramic core technology Sleek and highly portable Full-spectrum hemp MCT carrier oil

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Social CBD prides itself on manufacturing the most aromatherapeutic vapes. Take your senses for a ride with three unique blends to Revive, Focus, and Relax the mind. Dry herbs are steeped in highly refined cold-pressed essential oil to allow both the flavor and healing properties of the herbs to really shine. If you’re a fan of all-natural ingredients with comprehensive lab reports to back it up, this might just be the best CBD vape pen for you.

The ceramic core technology maintains an even temperature to preserve the taste of every puff. Each pen contains 125-250 mg of CBD isolate from 100% USA industrial hemp. Every vaporizer goes through seven levels of quality control checks before distribution. During this process, pens are cured for 24 hours to allow the oil extracts to saturate each wick. Social CBD vape reviews from users have plenty of good things to say but frequently mention the need for a liquid level indicator.

5. Blue Moon Hemp Vape Pen

Blue Moon Hemp Vape Pen

Our Rating


    Non-spill Different marijuana flavors American grown hemp No need to charge Available for purchase in single or six-pack.

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With a whopping 560 mg of CBD per pen, Blue Moon Hemp’s disposable vapes are packing some serious potency. Pre-charged with a full cartridge, this vape is ready to roll right out of the package. Draw-activation makes for simple, straightforward sessions with no buttons to mess around with. You can purchase a single pen or dive into a six-pack with your choice of Kush, Flan, and Red Devil flavors.

Blue Moon grows all of its hemp in Kentucky, a jurisdiction with the most rigorous hemp farming protocols in the world. These partnerships and strict protocols enable Blue Moon to have complete control over the entire production process from the farm to the finished product on shelves. Like all Blue Moon products, the vape pens are tested by third-party labs to ensure what’s on the label reflects what’s in the vape.

6. CBD Lion Vape Pen

CBD Lion Vape Pen

Our Rating


    Wide variety of flavors QR code No need to charge the pens They come in 50 and 500mg

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CBD Lion has one of the widest varieties of flavor profiles for CBD vape pens. Choose from ten delicious options to perfectly punctuate the pure, uncut hemp distillate. Before you let your tastebuds make your purchasing decisions, CBD Lion takes a different approach to vape juice. The flavors are blends of varying terpene profiles to promote various health benefits. For instance, blueberry can help relieve pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety.

CBD Lion was also among the first to streamline third-party testing from the moment the company was established in 2017. All of the disposable vape pens are made in an ISO 7 certified clean room with lab results available on the website. CBD Lion takes their commitment to quality up more than a few notches by incorporating a QR code on the packaging for quick access to product details and lab reports.

7. Eco Therapy vape pen

Eco Therapy vape pen

Our Rating


    Three different formulations Natural essential oils 500mg CBD per draw

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Not just another CBD product, ECO Therapy CBD vape pens are infused with all-natural essential oils and vitamins to deliver optimal effects. Making mother nature proud, these vapes for CBD are 100% natural with no PG, VG, MCT, or vitamin E acetate carrier oil added to the formula. Just full-spectrum CBD oil, natural terpenes, and essential oils.

There are three formulas, all containing 500 mg of CBD and named after the purposes they are intended to fulfill. Revive is designed to elevate cognitive abilities with a unique terpene profile of humulene, limonene, and pinene blended with orange oil, vitamin B12, sage, and ginseng. Rest is infused with lavender, kava, and melatonin to improve sleep quality. Relax comes in a mint flavor blended with chamomile, green tea extract, and ginger. The terpene profile in the Relax formula includes bisabolol, citral, and caryophyllene. All these elements are deliberately selected to help you relax.

8. Heritage Hemp – CBD Vape Device

Heritage Hemp – CBD Vape Device

Our Rating


    Rechargeable battery Full-spectrum hemp Natural ingredients Third-party tested 200 mg CBD per pen

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With one vape pen to offer up, Heritage Hemp has the most limited vape selection of the bunch. Each disposable vape pen is prefilled with 200 mg of full-spectrum CBD derived from phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract. MCT Oil and a custom blend of essential oils round out the all-natural formula. This vape features a micro USB rechargeable port to ensure you get every last drop out of oil.

Transparency is a core value at Heritage Hemp. Every batch of raw materials and finished products are tested by third-party labs for total cannabinoids. We appreciate it when companies take the initiative to test their products. However, Heritage Hemp’s lab reports only include information on potency, while reports from other companies have additional information on potential contaminants, such as pesticides and heavy metals.

9. Mig Vapor Morpheus

Mig Vapor Morpheus

Our Rating


    Elegantly designed 30-day money-back guarantee Powerful, long lasting battery Highly durable pen Big tanks Custom made vape oil

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The Morpheus Vape Mod Kit is another crowd-pleaser from Mig Vapor , a company known for manufacturing some of the best CBD vape pens on the market. This is a refillable unit designed to produce better pulls and taste for maximum vapor quality. The pen’s body is crafted from carbon fiber for the perfect balance of durability and style. The supercharged 3000 mah battery delivers hauls that last for hours – or even days – on a single charge.

The kanthal wire coils heat up quickly without altering the taste, avoiding that burnt flavor you get from some vapes. Its tank is relatively big, capable of accommodating up to 3 ml of vape juice. You can purchase your vape juice from Mig Vapor’s extensive lineup of flavors or make your own custom blend. The product also comes with tutorials to help you get the most out of your CBD vape pen.

10. G Pen Gio

G Pen Gio

Our Rating


    They outsource the manufacture of pods A small and discreet pen that is easy to carry Draw activated Micro USB charger 180 mAh battery capacity

Shop the G Pen Gio now:

Quite possibly one of the slickest CBD vape pen designs, the G Pen Gio from Grenco Science is hitting all the right notes when it comes to style and function. Coming in at only 10.4 cm long and 0.9 lbs, saying this vape is stealth and portable almost seem like understatements. The body is made from zinc alloy featuring a thoughtful airflow design to ensure even heat for smooth, thick draws.

The buttonless activation is powered by a 180 mah battery with passthrough micro USB charging, so your sessions don’t need to stop even when your battery is running low. While this is a refillable unit, you can only use it with Grenco Science’s proprietary pre-filled CBD oil cartridges. The cartridge selection is limited, but with flavors like gelatti and lemon pound cake, you won’t be short of delicious clouds.

11. Kandypens Rubi

Kandypens Rubi

Our Rating


    Compact portable design Refillable pods Lifetime warranty on the battery LED screen Standard USB charger

Shop the Kandypen Rubi now.

KandyPens is one of the biggest names in the vape industry, bringing us hit after hit, and the Rubi doesn’t disappoint. The Rubi is constantly compared to JUUL , but differentiates itself by offering an open pod system that you can refill with any kind of e-liquid or vape-safe oil. Tossing out the need for proprietary parts is also applied to the universal micro USB charger, keeping you in action instead of scrambling to find the one charger your vape is compatible with. The battery also comes with a lifetime warranty, which you typically don’t get with vapes.

Rubi users say they get an average of 30-50 draws per charge, depending on how big your rips are. Recharging only takes 30 minutes to an hour, which is close to lightning speed compared to most vapes. The mouthpiece can be easily removed by twisting the rubber stopper when you need to refill. The leak-proof design adds another layer of functionality, keeping your liquids where they should be. The only flaw in an otherwise great CBD vape pen is no window or portal to check the liquid level.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

One of the main benefits of vaping or smoking CBD is its high bioavailability compared to other consumption methods . Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that enters the bloodstream. For instance, studies show the bioavailability of edibles is approximately 20% while vaping can deliver an impressive bioavailability of up to 70%. Vaping CBD is an effective way to quickly feel the results of CBD.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD production from industrial hemp, there has been an influx of studies and scientific research showing significant health benefits and therapeutic properties of CBD. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not induce intoxicating effects. This means users can experience the potential benefits without the feeling of being high. Consumers use CBD to help find relief for various conditions, such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and seizures.

CBD Vape Pens vs CBD Oil

The term CBD oil can get a little tricky because it’s used interchangeably with vape juice and e-liquid. Most CBD oils are formulated to be taken orally or applied topically to the skin and shouldn’t be vaped. CBD oils that are vape-friendly are made using a CBD extract alongside a thinning agent, such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), or medium-chain triglyceride (MCT). These ingredients ensure that the liquid is thin enough to be vaporized effectively for clean and comfortable draws. In short, if you’re using a CBD vape pen, make sure that you pair it with a vape-specific CBD liquid.

Where Can You Buy CBD Pens?

The better question is, where can’t you buy CBD pens. Simply type the words’ CBD vape pen’ into Google and get ready to start scrolling. To help narrow down the list of choices, you need to keep a couple key factors in mind. First, decide if you want to go the refillable route or if disposable vape pens are more your style. Aside from the cash you want to spend, the next step to consider is the vape’s functionality. How long the battery lasts, direct draw or button activated, temperature settings, and compatibility with other cartridges or liquids are just a few features you want to look at.

Arguably the most important piece of the puzzle is buying from a brand you trust. If it’s a refillable vape, spend some time in the review section to see what users have to say about product quality. If it’s a disposable unit, take a peek at the lab reports to verify if the company is transparent about what’s in their vapes. You may want to compare warranties as well. Companies that stand behind the quality of their products will typically offer some kind of warranty on both refillable and disposable vape options.

Find out more about disposal & refillable vaporizer in our best CBD vape pens review. Which one to use, their pros and cons!

Best Weed Vape Pens for THC Oil 2021

Kandypens Special K weed pen

The Kandypens Special-K Black is classy and discreet. This high-performing THC oil pen comes with two tanks and a temp controlled battery with a lifetime warranty.

Vessel Vista weed pen

PCKT VRTCL weed pen

  1. What is a THC oil vape pen?
  2. Tips for getting started
  3. How to clean a THC oil vape pen
  4. How to fill a weed pen
  5. How to remove THC oil from cartridge
  6. Other types of cannabis vape pens

Using a THC vape pen is the modern way to toke… without smoke! Whether used with popular delta 8 THC carts or delta 9, weed pens have become popular for multiple reasons. Simply put, they’re easy to use, convenient, and very effective at getting the most out of your cannabis concentrates. Plus, since you’re not incinerating your material, the taste is great and the smell is faint. What more could you ask for?

There are countless vape pens on the market, and we have tested a large chunk of them throughout the years. The seven best weed oil pens you’ll see in this list have been selected for their build quality, design, reliability and performance with a variety of pre-filled THC oil and distillate cartridges. If you’re a newbie, make sure to read the guide below, even if you know how to use a vape pen. It explains exactly what a THC vape pen is, and provides some useful tips for using one.

Kandypens Special K weed pen

Kandypens Special-K

The Kandypens Special-K Black is a swanky and stealthy take on the classic weed pen design. It works as good as it looks, and it comes with two 1 mL tanks, temperature control battery with three heat settings, and several handy accessories. With a lifetime warranty on the battery, the Special-K Black is the pen to get!

Vessel Vista weed pen

Vessel Vista

The Vista is one of the most luxurious oil pens you can get. It features protective drop-in design that accommodates a wide range of oil cartridges. It runs on a 320 mAh battery and has three voltage settings, from 2.8-3.2 volts. The Vista utilizes magnetic charging cable and is compatible with the Vessel charging dock.

PCKT VRTCL weed pen


The VRTCL is a robust and stylish weed pen. Featuring five power modes and a 380 mAh high capacity lithium-ion battery. It provides smooth and consistent hits, and won’t burn out your coil. It works perfectly with SPRK cartridges and most popular 510 threaded oil carts. It performs like the PCKT but it’s slimmer.

Vessel Wood Series Weed Pen Battery

Vessel Wood Series

The Vessel Wood Edition is a rare breed of vape pens that feature a variety of luxurious wood finishes. The device is compatible with most standard 510 oil carts and features a 240 mAh battery with three power settings and utilizes a magnetic charging cable or an optional charging dock.

Vessel Black Expedition Series Weed Pen Battery

Vessel Expedition Series

The Expedition isn’t just elegant. It’s the most robust version of the Vessel, designed for an active lifestyle. The Vessel is compatible with 510 oil cartridges and features a 240 mAh battery with three power settings. It also utilizes a magnetic USB charging cable or an optional charging dock sold separately.

Linx 3 Hermes weed oil pen

Linx Hermes 3

The Hermes 3 is an advanced weed pen for oil from Linx Vapor. It’s compatible with thick and thin oils and produces large tasty clouds with great efficiency. The tank features a cottonless ceramic heating element and a vapor path constructed of medical grade components. It holds 0.5 mL of oil and has a 290 mAh battery.

Kandypens Slim Black V3 oil pen

Kandypens Slim Kit

The Kandypens Slim Kit is a super stealthy little oil pen. Its 0.5 mL tank is powered by a 180 mAh battery sure to get you through a few sessions. The small size will make it barely noticeable when it’s in your pocket. The device has gotten numerous positive reviews for its good performance with thick oils.

Kandypens C-Box Pro weed oil pen

Kandypens C-Box Pro

The Kandypens C-Box Pro is designed for 510 oil tanks. It utilizes magnetic adapters so you can just drop your tank in. The device stands at only 3 inches tall and is lightweight, despite its powerful 390 mAh battery. The C-Box Pro has four adjustable voltage settings up to 4.0 volts, charges via micro USB.

What is a THC oil vape pen?

Part of a THC oil pen inforgraphic

A weed pen, or THC oil pen is a relatively simple, two-part electronic device used to vaporize THC oil, delta 8 THC carts and other cannabis distillates. An evolution of early vape pens, weed vape pens are most often shaped like writing pens—hence the name. Sometimes they are referred to as a cartridge battery. That’s because every weed pen houses a small battery that heats your oil in an atomizer cartridge containing a wick and a heating coil. This heating process turns concentrates into THC-filled vapor.

Voila! With the press of a button and a drag on the mouthpiece, high times are on demand. The odor is faint and dissipates quickly, so THC pens are the most convenient way to fly high while cruising under the radar. Keep reading to find out how to use a pen with your own THC oils and cartridges.

Warning: Keep in mind that the type of “THC oil” used in weed pens is formulated for vaping, unlike cannabis oil tinctures which are not. THC and CBD oil tinctures are typically oil-based, which makes them unsuitable for inhalation.

Tips for getting started

The first thing you’ll need is a THC pen and some THC oil or distillate. Cannabis oil is generally sold in prefilled cartridges, but can be made or purchased separately for refilling your own carts—which is more cost-effective but requires a bit more work. Ideally, you want THC oil that comes preloaded into a syringe.

There are two ways to use a marijuana vape pen. If you have a prefilled cartridge, you simply screw it onto the pen and press the button. If you buy a kit that includes an empty cart, you’ll want to fill it with your oil or distillate—more on that later. Here are a few key pointers for getting started with your THC oil pen:

  • Oil vape pens are designed for cannabis oil and distillate cartridges.
  • To avoid having your session interrupted, charge before use.
  • The higher the milliamp rating (more mAh), the more battery life the vape pen has.
  • If the device has adjustable power, turn it down to its lowest setting and adjust up from there.
  • Replace the cartridge as soon as the flavor and performance drop off to avoid wasting your oil. (Scroll down to learn how to fill and extract THC oil.)

How to clean a THC oil vape pen

Since THC vape pens are two-part designs, with the cartridge being disposable, there’s not much cleaning necessary. The most important thing to keep clean is the connection. Typically, cannabis pens have a 510-connection— that’s the threading that connects to the cartridge that contains the oil. That connection should remain relatively clean to keep the current flowing. THC oil is thick, but a little seepage can find its way in the connection. Left uncleaned, the device may stop working.

Cleaning the vape pen’s 510 connection is simple: just use a Q-tip and high-strength isopropyl, and wipe until clean. Cleaning the thread will not make a noticeable difference in the vape experience, but it will help prolong the lifespan of the device. While you are at it, make sure you clean the mouthpiece and 510 threads of your oil cartridge too.

How to fill a weed pen

To fill your THC oil pen, all you’ll need is a syringe containing cannabis oil and an empty THC oil cart. Go slow. Let each layer settle before adding more oil, you don’t want to risk losing any of it! Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • Slowly inject the oil while making a circular motion with the syringe.
  • Never inject oil down the central chimney of the cartridge.
  • Fill the cartridge enough to cover the wicking holes located on the outside of the coil housing.
  • Let the cartridge sit at least 30 minutes after filling. The high viscosity of the oil needs a fair amount of time to soak into the wick.

How to remove THC oil from cartridge

To extract the oil from your cannabis pen, you will need an empty oil cart and a filling syringe with a blunt tip that fits inside your oil cartridge. You may need to slightly warm up the cartridge, to allow the oil to flow better when extracting it.

  • Remove the cartridge from the battery to prevent oil from leaking into the battery section.
  • Detach the mouthpiece—some are threaded and some will just pop off.
  • For very thick oils and distillates, you may want to gently warm the cartridge up to make the oil easier to transfer, but do not overheat it!
  • Make sure you have a syringe with a tip that you can fit inside the cartridge. Different style carts may require different sized tips.

When should you remove THC oil from your cartridge?

Sometimes weed vape pens can fail, usually when the coil becomes the weakest link. Fortunately, you can transfer the oil to another device. Here are some of the most common reasons you may need to extract the oil from your cartridge.

  • Defective cartridge, usually due to a bad coil, leaking, or clogging.
  • Not enough oil in cartridge to reach the wick.
  • Transferring oil to a different cartridge.
  • Using THC oil for dabbing or with another device.

Other types of cannabis vape pens

THC vape pens are just one of the many ways to vaporize weed and concentrates. Whether you are looking for weed pens, pre-filled carts for oil, or vaporizers for weed and dabs, here are the top products in each category based on our testing.

The best weed pens for vaporizing cannabis oil in a discreet and convenient way. Get the most out of your THC cartridges and oil with these slim and lightweight devices designed for oil.