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ac/dc cbd oil

ACDC CBD Hemp Oil with Terpenes 450/30ml

Featuring an earthy, woody flavour with notes of pine, ACDC CBD Oil is one of the most sought-after strains of CBD oil around.

0% THC, All Health – No High.

All Natural – No Artificial Ingredients .

Commonly known as ‘essential oils’, Terpenes are contained within all plant life and have been shown to have numerous medical benefits.

Terpenes combine with fatty acids, Cannabinoids and other Terpenes to have an impact much greater than the sum of their parts, something which is known as the entourage effect.

Every individual Terpene profile works in complete synergy with the CBD to adjust the effect of the Cannabinoids in a certain direction. Although every hemp strain contains CBD, the unique makeup of Cannabinoids and Terpenes ultimately defines the benefits of the strain.

ACDC CBD Hemp Oil Graph

The benefits of ACDC CBD Oil

ACDC is a Myrcene-dominated CBD Oil which also features Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene and five other Terpenes in its Terpene profile. It is arguably the most popular CBD Oil on the market, helping to maintain a healthy body and mind

We sell CBD Oil as a food supplement only and make no specific medical claims about our products. There is a wealth of information available discussing the many incredible properties and uses of CBD Oil.

About ACDC CBD Hemp Oil

Arguably the most popular strain of CBD Oil on the market, thousands of people use ACDC every day to support their mental and physical health.

We sell ACDC CBD Oil which is a whole-plant, full-spectrum extract created from plants specifically chosen for their high CBD content.

A supercritical CO2 extraction process extracts the CBD, terpenes, omega fatty acids and other beneficial cannabinoids, allowing them to be made into a premium, high-concentration, phyto-cannabinoid hemp oil.

Following extraction, the oil is infused with additional natural plant terpenes to recreate the specific Lemon Skunk terpene profile.

  • No prescription required
  • 0.0% THC. All health, no high
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Tested in independent third-party labs for safety and purity

In addition, our oil is formulated with an organic coconut MCT oil base, which allows for rapid absorption of the CBD and terpenes at a cellular level.

Cannabinoid content

Our active component contains:

  • 450mg active CBD
  • Minor cannabinoids: CBDV, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDA (
  • 0.0% THC (trace amount)

How to take the correct dose

We understand every individual reacts to CBD differently, meaning the perfect intake for one individual may be completely wrong for you. So rather than recommending a specific amount of CBD Oil to take each day, we suggest using the Stepwise Dosing method to establish the perfect dosage for you.

This method starts by establishing a low baseline daily CBD Oil intake which you take for seven days while you monitor the CBD’s effect on your body. Following this, you can gradually increase the amount you take if it isn’t quite having the desired impact.

We suggest establishing your baseline dose at 10 drops of CBD Oil twice a day for the first seven days. During this period, it is important to listen to your body and take note of any changes.

If this baseline is not having the desired effect, we recommend increasing your dose by an extra five drops of oil twice a day for three days. By continuing this process of slight increases in dose every few days, you will gradually discover the perfect dose for your needs.

Once you see an effect from the CBD, drop your dose back by one level to maintain the effects at a lower dose.

How long should a 30ml bottle last?

Each 30ml bottle of ACDC CBD Oil contains approximately 700 drops. This makes establishing how long you should expect a bottle to last a simple process.

For example, if you are taking 20 drops a day, you can simply do 700/20 to establish a 30ml bottle should last approximately 35 days.

Shipping information

To ensure that your package arrives safely, securely and in a timely manner all of our products are shipped in discreet, unmarked packages, and sent via ‘Track & Trace’ couriers. Delivery is sent by Royal Mail Tracked 1-2 Day Service.


Once an order has been dispatched you may return the goods within 30 days of receipt. Goods must be unopened with seals intact. If an item has been used/opened we cannot accept a return due to potential denaturing of the product.


To return goods please contact us via email [email protected] quoting your order number for an RMA number.

Please send returned items to our UK head office:

Botanical Health Ltd.
Suite 118 Courthill House
60 Water Lane

450mg, 30ml ACDC CBD oil available to buy online today. Fast delivery, no THC. Shop ACDC CBD Hemp Oil with Terpenes today.

Ac/dc cbd oil

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Full Description

Homeostasis out of whack? It ain’t easy being bipedal. Our AC/DC tincture delivers a thoughtful mix of CBD, CBDa and THC to help smooth out life’s edges and bring a touch of equanimity to the day.

AC/DC is great for anxiety, minor aches or pains and relaxation.

GROWN BY: Lazy Moon Ranch


  • CBD Strain
  • Mendocino
  • Tincture
  • Helps With Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Helps With Inflammation
  • Helps With Pain
  • Helps With Stress
  • OutdoorAnytime
  • THC
  • CBD
  • THCA
  • CBDA
  • CBC
  • Small Craft Brand
  • Single Origin
  • Whole Flower

Dosing & Psychoactivity

Take 1 mL dose sublingually via dropper. Approximately 6.6 mg CBD – 3.8 mg CBDa – .53 mg THC per 1 ml dose.

30 doses per 30 mL vial.


Organic coconut MCT oil, full-spectrum cannabis extract (whole flower) and steam-distilled cannabis terpenes.

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Homeostasis out of whack? Our AC/DC tincture delivers a thoughtful mix of CBD, CBDa and THC to help smooth out life’s edges and bring a touch of equanimity to the day.